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Food Science & Nutrition

Food Science Library Research Gudie

Find Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Publications, etc.


Masao Masui, a visiting scientist who specialized in asparagus tissue culture, holding a conical flask and examining its contents. (1969) Prosser, Washington. Washington Rural Heritage Collection.

You may be required to have an understanding of how topics are portrayed within popular press like newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. Although these publications typically aren't considered scholarly or peer-reviewed, they can provide a lot of information on news, trends, opinions, public relations, and more.

There are many places to find popular press and trade publications. Below are some databases to assist you in finding such resources. 

Encyclopedias and Topic Starters

Although encyclopedias are typically not peer-reviewed, or considered scholarly resources, they can be a fantastic place to learn background information on a subject so as to get you going with your research.

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