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Modern Japanese History

About this research guide

This library research guide gathers resources relevant to History 477, Modern Japanese History. This guide seeks to increase your awareness of specialized article databases indexing history journals, as well as subject databases that index journals in disciplines that might intersect with your chosen topic, including religion, philosophy, literature, and music, among others. Use the tabs at the top of this page to access the various sections of this guide.

If you need help getting started with your research, or locating relevant sources for this class, please email the librarian, Gabriella Reznowski,

National Diet Library Collections

The National Diet Library operates as the national library of Japan. The Library's various print and online collections can be searched using the links below.

Article Databases for Historical Topics

Additional Subject Databases

Your research might intersect with additional subject areas, such as philosophy, literature, politics, and religion. The database below are specialized subject databases indexing resources in areas that might relate to your topic. After searching the standard subject databases for history (listed above) you might also try searching for your topic in a relevant subject database.

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