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About this library little notes from Lorena ;-)

3/25 - its a work in progress and changing often (I know that's kinda redundant...)

Also...would any of you be interested in trying out collaborative web annotation (think threaded discussions attached to online newspaper articles, online scholarly articles, web pages, and more)?  This kind of social remote reading is a great way to have students critically engage with the source text, you, and each other in an asynchronous format. Please emall me ( if you are interested. It's free, and has a pretty easy learning curve as well. And...if you'd like to do a research study and apply for a Smith Teaching and Learning Grant with me, please contact me!

Note:You can check your voicemail and change your greetings, etc. at

WSU Libraries Official COVID-19 Library Status

Things are changing quickly, so always check this link! [WSU Libraries Pullman are closed for the WSU community as of 3/22/2020 ; resources and services are still available]

3/25:we have staff filling electronic requests, but we are  not processing local, Summit, or ILL physical items." Ebooks and other full-text resources continue to be available through Search It.

All members of the WSU Community are welcome to use Research Exchange to store presentations they weren't able to make this spring due to conference cancellations. Please email Talea Anderson,our Scholarly Communications Librarian, at

Big News

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