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MGMT 491

Porter's Five Forces Analysis

According to Porter,  "the state of competition in an industry depends on five basic competitive forces" (1980, p.3). The five forces are: threat of new entry, threat of substitution, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, and competitive rivalry.

*Porter, Michael E. 1980. Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. The Free Press. New York.

You can sometimes find Five Forces Analysis Reports in journal and magazine articles.

While you will often need to conduct your own Five Forces Analysis, you can find some ready-made reports in Business Source Complete:

Type your industry in the first search box, and "five forces" in the second.



Finding Information for your 5 Forces Analysis

Industry, company, product, and market information is can be found in business periodicals and journals, business newsletters, and other news sources.  Articles in these publications supplement the information found in specialized business resources.

These databases can be a great place to search:

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