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Com 475: Brand Journalism

About this guide

This guide is meant to provide help accessing the resources you need for your first project in Com 400. Here you will find help accessing specific library resources needed for your project.

Here you will also find some more general information about library services and resources, and some information on how you can leverage these services and resources from the WSU Everett campus.

Library Session

Library Session: 7:45 AM, Thursday, September 3

Goals for this Library Session:

  1. Gain familiarity with key databases to use for your project
  2. Understand how to access online and print sources for your research
  3. Identify who to contact for help with library research

Getting to Library Resources

There are different ways to get to WSU resources. Whichever way you choose, remember that in order to access most databases and full-text content you need to log in with your WSU network ID and password (the same ID and password you use to log into MyWSU).

From the Libraries Homepage:

If you do a search for WSU Library or WSU Libraries, you should see a link to the Libraries homepage - - in the top of your search results. From this page you can:

  • Search the Search It discovery system to find articles, books, media, government documents, etc. by searching with keywords, by author names, or by titles.
  • Access our databases to search for online journal and news publications

One benefit of starting at the homepage is that this site is set up to log you in through our proxy server so that you have full access to our online collections.

From Google and Google Scholar:

Many researchers find Google and Google Scholar very useful search tools, but often researchers discover sources in Google and Google Scholar, but can't get to the full text. 

One way to make it easier to get to full-text sources from Google or Google Scholar is to install and use the LibKey Nomad or Proxy Bookmarklet extension. These tools make it easier to access items in WSU's online collections without having to log in multiple times so that if you find a source on the open web that is in our online collections, you can access it more easily.

Another way to access full-text sources from Google is to copy and paste the title of a resource you found using Google into Search It to see if we have it in the Libraries' collections.

And, of course, you may always contact your librarian for help with accessing sources.


WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671, Contact Us