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SSSA Quick Citation Guide

Quick Citation Guide for using the SSSA Citation Style

Monographs (Books, Theses, Encyclopedias, etc.)


  • Last name, First initial. Year of publication. Title. Publisher, City, State of Publisher.



Dzombak, D.A., and F.M.M. Morel. 1990. Surface complexation modeling: Hydrous ferricoxide. John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Doty, W.T., M. Amacher, and D.E. Baker. 1982. Manual of methods: Soil and environmental chemistry laboratory. Rep. 121. Dep. of Agronomy, Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park. Food and Agricultural Organization. 1994. Production and trade yearbook, 1993. FAO, Rome.

Book with Corporate Author:

  • Corporate Author. Year of publication. Title of book. Location of publisher. Publisher.


California Certified Organic Farmers. 1995. California Certified Organic Farmers certification handbook. CCOF, Santa Cruz.

Book Chapter

  • Chapter authors Last name, First initials. Year. Title of chapter. Page numbers. In Book editor (ed.). Title of book. Publisher. City and State of publisher.


Buresh, R.J., P.C. Smithson, and D.T. Hellums. 1997. Building soil phosphorus capital in Africa. p. 111-149. In R.J. Buresh et al. (ed.) Replenishing soil fertility in Africa. SSSA Spec. Publ. 51. SSSA, Madison, WI.

Book with an Editor

  • Editor(s) Last name, First initial. Year of publication. Title. Edition. Publisher, City, State of Publisher.

Encyclopedia Article

  • Article authors Last name, First initials. Year. Title of article. Page numbers. In Encyclopedia editor(s)(ed.). Title of encyclopedia. Volume. Publisher. City and State of publisher.


Salisbury, F.B. 1981. Response to photoperiod. p. 135-167. In O.L. Lange et al. (ed.) Physiological plant ecology: I. Responses to the physical environment. Encyclopedia of plant physiology. Vol. 12A. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

Thesis or Dissertation

  • Last name, First initial. year. Title of thesis/dissertation. MS Thesis or PhD Diss. Name of University. Location.


Maraqa, M.A. 1995. Transport of dissolved volatile organic compounds in the unsaturated zone. Ph.D. Diss. Michigan State Univ., East Lansing.

Koenig, R. T. 1990. Decomposition, nitrogen mineralization, and plant utilization of mineralized residue N in a subarctic agricultural soil. MS Thesis. Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, Newspapers)

Journal Article (Scholarly or trade)

If presented by volume:

  • Last name, First initial., Year. Title of article. Name of journal. Volume (issue):Page numbers.


Argo, W.R., and J.A. Biernbaum. 1995. Root-medium nutrient levels and irrigation requirements of poinsettias grown in five root media. HortScience 30(2):535-538.

Bordoli, J.M., and A.P. Mallarino. 1998. Deep and shallow banding of phosphorous and potassium as alternatives to broadcast fertilization for no-till corn. Agron. J. 90:27-33.


If presented by date:

  • Last name, First initial. Year article was published. Title of article. Name of trade journal. Day Month, Page numbers.

Davenport, C.H. 1981. Sowing the seeds. Barrons. 2 March, p. 10.

Magazine or Newspaper Article

  • Last name, First initial. Year. Article title. Publication title. Date. Page.

Davenport, C.H. 1981. Sowing the seeds. Barrons. 2 March, p. 10.

Mulvaney, D.L., and L. Paul. 1984. Rotating crops and tillage. Crops Soils 36(7):18-19.

Lee, S. 2007. The Lettuce Nitrate phenomenon. New York Times 4 Nov. pp G4.

Online Resources

Online Only Publication [Website]

  • Organization/group/university publishing it. Year. Title of the website. URL address (accessed date; verified date). Publisher, city, state.


USDA - National Agricultural Statistics Services Census of agriculture. 2000. Published estimates data base (PEDB) [Online]. Available at (accessed 15 May 2001; verified 24 Aug. 2001). USDA-NASS, Washington, DC.

Wear, D. 2000. Research projects, Southern Forest Resource Assessment Consortium [Online]. Available at econ/research/sofac/projects.htm (modified 13 Mar. 2000; accessed 8 July 2000; verified 22 May 2001). USDA Forest Serv., Research Triangle Park, NC.

Online-only Journal Article

  • Last name, First initial. Year. Article Title [Online]. Available at URL. Journal Title. Vol.(issue): Page numbers.

Kampf. S.K., M. Salazar, and S.W. Tyler. 2002. Preliminary investigations of effluent drainage from mining heap leach facilities [Online]. Available at www.vadozezonejournal. org. Vadose Zone J. 1:186-196.

Zhang, Q., L.C. Davis, and L.E. Erickson. 1998. Effect of vegetation on transport of groundwater and nonaqueous-phase liquid contaminants [Online]. Available at J. Hazard. Subst. Res. 1:Article 8.

Personal Communication (Email)

  • Last name, first initial. Personal communication. Year, day month.

Note: technically personal communications are to be cited in text only. If you decide to include a citation in your reference list follow the example below.


Koenig, T. Personal communication. 2007, 22 October.

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