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HathiTrust Digital Library @ the WSU Libraries

About the HathiTrust Digital Library (Hah-tee)

Note: WSU-affiliated users must log in with their WSU Net IDs in order to save more than one page at a time, to create collections, and to get more access. This resource does not work with the Libraries' proxy server.

Non-WSU users can search but have more limited access (and can create a "friend" account to save items into a collection).

This is an amazing resource for locating older books, magazines, articles, and other content, and for finding government information, especially at the US federal level. Its easy to go down a rabbit hole and get sucked in for hours :-)

What is the HathiTrust Digital Library?

"At the heart of HathiTrust is a shared secure digital repository owned and operated by a partnership of major research libraries. The repository is best known as a means of preserving digital materials created via large-scale digitization projects. By pooling their collective resources and expertise, the partners have created a robust and scalable infrastructure to efficiently store, manage, and preserve their collections of digital books and journals in common. HathiTrust, however, has positioned itself as more than a simple aggregation of digitized library material. Its stated mission is much broader: "to contribute to the public good by collecting, organizing, preserving, communicating, and sharing the record of human knowledge."

HathiTrust: A Research Library at Web Scale (p.95)

Includes digitized books from:

Google Book Project

Microsoft Live Search Books (no longer active)

Internet Archive

Library digitization projects

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