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Why Cite?

By citing your sources, you are showing your reader how you came to your conclusions and acknowledging the other people's work that brought you to your conclusions. Citing sources:

  • Documents your research and scholarship
  • Acknowledges the work of others whose scholarship contributed to your work
  • Helps your reader understand the context of your argument
  • Provides information for your reader to use to locate additional information on your topic
  • Establishes the credibility of your scholarship
  • Provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your own integrity and understanding of academic ethics

Useful Sites for APA Style

Because it is so important to cite the data sources and publications that students use in their papers, here are some sources to help with APA style.

WSU Libraries. (n.d.).  "Citation Quickguides."  Retrieved from  These quick guides are on the Libraries website.  For more detaled  interpretation, try the choices below. 

Purdue OWL.  (n.d.). "APA Style: Reference List: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)." Retrieved from  The Purdue OWL is a good resource.  This link features detailed information regarding types of websites and other electronic sources.  It also contains a citation generator. 

The APA Style Blog. (n.d.). Retrieved from  The APA offers a good deal of commentary and tutorials on APA Style and this blog considers questions that writers have.  Feel free to search the site with your questions.  .

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