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Keeping Up and Keeping Track: Personal Information Management and

Let's Start...

The Unifying Organizing Function of #Tagging

Analog tagging

three tabbed folders



Tagging's  roots in online photo collections

Photo tags

#The Beginner's Guide to the Hashtag (2013) #hashtags

What's Tagging? (Lifewire, 3/17) or this one at Webopedia: Tagging

  • "...bottom-up classifications which lack rigour..." (The Guardian |The Observer, 11/26/2005)
  • A way to self-organize information (blog posts, bookmarks, notes, etc.)
  • Social
  • Searchable
  • Also known as folksonomies or tagsonomies
  • No promises of consistancy...internally or externally...


"Tough Talk about Tagging", a posting (September 5, 2007) from the Chronicle of Higher Education's Wired Campus blog that includes links to a few recent reflections about social tagging in 2007. (There used to be a bunch of comments that were worth reading, but a reboot of the CHE site made them disappear...which is an issue in and of itself....)

Tagging | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

From the Pew Internet and American Life Project…later on, check out a few of their other reports… This report is waaay outdated, but still of interest. Do you use tags? Where and how?

Pragmatic thought as a philosophical foundation for collaborative tagging and the Semantic Web 


For fun:

Make your own tagclouds via Wordle (demo video because it requires Flash online; now there is a downloadable version) or WordClouds (lots of options) or TagCrowd (provides frequencies)


Typical Content We Find on the Web

The usual stuff...

Blog Example: ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education

 An example of a group blog affiliated with a traditional media outlet (the Chronicle of Higher Education). Note the use of tags ("categories")

Update: Its gone independent, but archives will still be hosted on the CHE site. Find it now at

Blog Example: OLDaily ~ by Stephen Downes

A great blog related to higher education and technology. Not via a corporate platform; he rolls his own..

WSU Pullman on Tumblr  (a microblog)

A cautionary tale...

CNN article:

​WSU - Academics:



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