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Keeping Up and Keeping Track: Personal Information Management and

Note-Taking and Archiving

Digital Notetaking and Archiving


  • paperless (~)
  • Keeping it all together
  • Accessing from anywhere
  • Sharing and co-writing
  • Keeping lists and documents
  • Searchable
  • exporting and saving emails
  • clipping from the Web
  • and more!

***Note-taking and Archiving at Work: Office 365 ProPlus OneDrive and OneNote @ WSU

Note confusion re: OneNote 2016 (icon has white N on red) and OneNote for Windows 10 (icon has red N on white). Microsoft originally indicated it will no longer be updating OneNote 2016, so its best to use the default OneNote for Windows 10, however very recently they have gone back on this and will be updating OneNote 2016 (and maybe getting rid of the default Windows version?)

Note: I basically just use the Web version, OneNote Online.

Desktop Version (syncs with online version).

Access online:

WSU Policies and Guidelines (FERPA...)

The issue of the Microsoft Store...

The Absolute. Magic. of Office Lens   (also integrated into phone/tablet versions of OneNote)

WSU Tutorials/FAQs

Managing OneDrive Folders and Sync and other questions about OneDrive and OneNote

Microsoft Tutorials

OneNote 2016 Quick Start Guide (windows)  Macs [Actually these will provide you with downloadable ON guides & more!]

10 Best Uses for OneDrive in Your Teaching and Learning

Getting Started with OneNote 2016

OneNote Teacher Academy (includes lots of ON resources)

Setting the Default Version of OneNote on your Computer


*** Personal:


Available as a desktop app, on the Web, and on tablets and smartphones. Can choose to sync information or keep it on the local device. Great tagging support! Except...


Security and Privacy Issues

(If you are interested...

Evernote support | Evernote

   Evernote support and help. Also, here's a great article from LifeHacker about using Evernote.)

Alternatives include Microsoft OneNote (either OneNote 2016 if you have it and want to keep it (see above) , or the OneNote that comes installed with Win 10) and Google Keep, and also (kind of...) Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive all of which are also multi-platform (i.e. browser, mobile, desktop) but are really more for document creation and sharing, rather than integrated note-taking. There ae other alternatives outside the Microsoft and Google ecosystem as well.


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