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Keeping Up and Keeping Track: Personal Information Management and

Why Talk about Reading?

Read it Later, Plus

Read it Later, Plus: Read it Nice, Read it Later, Read it Different

​Read it Nice:

f.lux: software to make your life better  (Windows, Mac, Linux)

     demo at

Android - has built-in blue light filter; can also use more granular apps such as Twilight

iOS has Night Shift built in (so do Macs, but you may still prefer F.Lux)

Windows 10 has Night Light

(It also helps to turn down hte brightness of your screen manually)

Other options...

Read it Later, Read it Different:

  •  Send to Kindle  (Amazon's E-Ink ereader, The Kindle Fire, free apps for phones and tablets)
  • Browser services
  • Other services...
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