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Keeping Up and Keeping Track: Personal Information Management and

COVID-19 Updates

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Keeping Up and Keeping Track: Personal Information Management





Lorena O'English

Social Sciences & Government Documents Librarian

Washington State University Libraries   @wsulorena

A ten-plus year passion project!



Class Outline:


Tagging - Creating a Personal Infrastructure via a Unifying Organizing Function (maybe...)

What Do We Do With All of This Content?

Making Reading Easier: Read it Nice, Read it Later, Read it Different

Finding Information: How We Actually Find Stuff/Subscriptions

Keeping Found Things Found

Can We Really Have It All?

Notetaking and Archiving


A WSU Human Resources Services Training Opportunity



This class (7/24/2019) is being taught over Zoom. It will be messy. You will not be able to interact with any of the links I present. If you want, however, you can follow along - it works best if you have a second monitor, but can also work with one monitor - just be sure to use a different browser, or open a new window if you want to use the same browser.

Class webpage link:


To-Do: Make this ^^ URL your home page

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