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WSU Extension

Resource tips and links for WSU Extension

COVID-19 Updates

Please note: while we try to keep our guides as up-to-date as possible, the most current information on WSU Pullman Library operations and Services can be found at the links below:


Welcome to the Extensions library guide. The Extensions are multi-disciplinary programs that encourage many different and altruistic research agendas from across the state.

Because the Extensions operate across so many different disciplines, the resource lists provided on this guide may be incomplete. If you should need help locating a resource or evaluating sources to understand its credibility please contact David Luftig, science librarian. 

Getting Connected

Students, faculty, staff, researchers, and volunteers at the Extensions and research institutes may have different levels of online access to library resources. For example, faculty and off-site WSU students will have access to the library's complete collection of scholarly databases. Volunteers and some researchers may not have access to those same resources.

Because of these access differences, this LibGuide has resources that are both behind a paywall as well as free to use (e.g. open access). There are many fantastic open-access resources and a ongoing trend to make more resources open to all.


WSU Faculty and Students to Library Resources

If you’re on-campus, the Libraries will recognize your IP address and pass you directly through to the resource.

Off-campus users will be asked to authenticate with their WSU Network ID and password.

For example, to connect to a library database while off campus, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Scholarly Databases (For Students & Faculty) tab of this Library Guide or go to the library's A-Z Database List.

2. Select the database that you wish to access.

3. After clicking on the database link you will be prompted to login using your WSU username and password. After entering that info, you will have the same level of access to resources as you would if you were on campus. 

Need more assistance, take a look at this connectivity guide.

Still have questions? Please contact David Luftig.


Volunteers, Researchers, and Some Staff

Some individuals who assist, volunteer, and/or study with Extensions or research institutes may not have full access to the library's scholarly resources. If you have question as to what you can access please contact David Luftig.

That said, this guide also has a list of open access scholarly resources. If you need help finding and resource for an Extension project or research institute please ask.



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