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Criminal Justice 311 (Online)

Tab To-Do List:

1.Review the text on this tab, and watch the demonstration screencast in the Watch Me tab.

2. Try doing a presearch on a topic you are interested - remember, in addition to being able to search for background information on criminal justice/social sciences topics (does the "Broken Windows" theory of crime control hold up?) you can also search it for more information on research methods (what is "sequential sampling"?)

Some Research Methods Reference Works

General Reference Resources

Why presearch? Presearching can be helpful at the start of a research project, to provide background information and help you narrow or expand your topic. 

More reference/background resources are available on the Presearch guide. Note: many WSU Libraries reference resources are now available electronically, but there may be a time that you may want something from a print reference resource that can't be checked out and sent to you - in this case, you can use the WSU interlibrary loan system (ILLiad - see the Resources for Online Students tab) to order a specific range of pages from a print reference book to be scanned and sent to you.

Note: Many online reference resources (encyclopedias, handbooks, etc.) are not included in the reference databases below. To find an electronic (not print) reference resource relating to a particular discipline, use a version of this search in the WSU Libraries catalog, Search It (in this case, I have used the term "crimin* which will give me results relating to criminal justice and criminology) - note that I have changed the scope of the search to WSU Pullman (for more on this, see VVV):

sample referecen book search in search it library catalog

and then limit your results to Full Text Online using the filters on the left of the Search It results screen.  You will then be able to search for reference works that look relevant to your particular topic within the larger area of criminal justice/criminology.

Watch Me: Closed-Captioned How-to Screencast

This screencast video on finding electronic presearch resources is on YouTube, and has been closed-captioned. It has also been embedded below.

A Selection of Criminal Justice / Criminology Reference Titles

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