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Microforms: Microfilm and Microfiche in the WSU Libraries

U.S. Census Records Activity

handwritten census records

Take a look at one of the old U.S. census microfilm reels.

  • How are these organized in the drawer?
  • Take one of the microfilm rolls to a reader machine.  Thread the machine and scan through some of the records.  What do you see?

New York Times Activity

Note: you can also use the Historical New York Times database to search for the answers of the questions below!

front page of a New York Times historical newspaper 1.  On page C12 of the March 3, 1933 New York Times, there is an article about a famous monkey.  Who is this monkey and what did he do?


2.  One very famous rock group criticizes another very famous rock group.  Find out who criticizes whom and why on page D20 of the June 2nd 1968 New York Times.


3.  In August of 1951, there was a Teen “panel” that discussed the problems of their age group.  In the first paragraph of the August 12th issue of the New York Times (page 87 of  the Arts and Leisure section) an article about this event mentions the “enchanted years.”  According to the article, what are the “enchanted years?”
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