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General Online Reference Resources

(See the box below for tips on finding other, more specialized, reference and background information sources.)

Finding Reference and Background Information

!. Go to the Libraries Search It catalog


3. In the search box, type in a search such as: encyclopedia* topic - this will lead you to the areas in the Holland and Terrell Libraries reference collection that may be relevant for your work.(Why the *? Some encyclopedias may not have Encyclopedia in the title, but will be described as such in the subject classification. Library subjects for types of works (i.e. encyclopedias or dictionaries) are often plural instead of singular, ad the asterisk (called a truncation symbol) will search for plurals and word varients).

4. Look for encyclopedias, historical dictionaries, handbooks, statistical books, and other background resource material relevant to your topic. 

5. Similar things are generally shelved together, and a call number that provides a spot-on item in the reference collection may lead you to relevant works in the regualr stacks where all the books that can be checked out are shelved. That's serendipity and synchronicity!

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