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Library Anxiety - How to Beat It

Library anxiety is a real phenomenon that can hurt your ability to complete your coursework and do library research. This guide talks about what library anxiety is and about some ways to overcome it.

About the Quiz

This quiz is modeled after Sharon Bostick's Library Anxiety Scale, the most commonly used tool for measuring library anxiety. However, this is a very short, quick version, just four questions long. Taking this quiz may help you to tell if you have some library anxiety.

To take the quiz, read the statements below and mark the number that most closely matches your feelings about the statement. The numbers range from

1 = Strongly Disagree       2 = Disagree       3 = Undecided       4 = Agree       5 = Strongly Agree

Question 1

I'm embarrassed that I don't know how to use the library.

Question 1
1: 177 votes (45.15%)
2: 83 votes (21.17%)
3: 44 votes (11.22%)
4: 46 votes (11.73%)
5: 42 votes (10.71%)
Total Votes: 392

Question 2

The librarians are unapproachable.

Question 2
1: 122 votes (33.98%)
2: 91 votes (25.35%)
3: 71 votes (19.78%)
4: 45 votes (12.53%)
5: 30 votes (8.36%)
Total Votes: 359

Question 3

I am unsure about how to begin my research.

Question 3
1: 97 votes (27.64%)
2: 79 votes (22.51%)
3: 66 votes (18.8%)
4: 73 votes (20.8%)
5: 36 votes (10.26%)
Total Votes: 351

Question 4

I get confused trying to find my way around the library.

Question 4
1: 131 votes (33.16%)
2: 90 votes (22.78%)
3: 60 votes (15.19%)
4: 66 votes (16.71%)
5: 48 votes (12.15%)
Total Votes: 395

Quiz Results

How did you do?

  • If you marked 4's and 5's as most of your answers, you may be dealing with the type of library anxiety that can seriously affect your research. If you feel that you are uncomfortable in the library, confused by the library, and very worried about how to start your research, please look at our suggestions on how to beat library anxiety.
  • If you marked mostly 3's and 4's as most of your answers, you may be dealing with enough library anxiety to make research more difficult than it has to be. If you feel uncomfortable in the libraries and find yourself putting off doing research because of it, our suggestions on how to beat library anxiety may be helpful.
  • If you marked 2's and 3's as most of your answers, you may be experiencing some mild library anxiety. It probably doesn't keep you up at night, but it may make your research projects harder than they have to be. Our suggestions on how to beat library anxiety may help.
  • If you marked 1's and 2's as most of your answers, you are probably very comfortable using the library. This should make it easier for you to get your research done! But if you find yourself worried by or uncomfortable with library research, our suggestions on how to beat library anxiety may help.
  • If you marked all 1's, well, chances are good that you're a librarian!
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