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Honors 380 - Writing Your Heritage: Resources for Family Research

Questions to Consider...

  • How did family members in the diaspora uphold their traditions?
  • Which of these traditions survive today?
  • Are there traditions that your parents or grandparents tried to keep that are not being upheld by your generation?
  • How do Americans reconnect with lost cultural traditions?
  • Can the Internet help diasporic communities connect with the culture in their homeland?
  • Did your cultural group assimilate easily? Which traditions did they maintain? How were these maintained? Are there movements to try and reclaim some of these traditions?
  • What factors have influenced your own cultural identity? How has your cultural identity changed since the time of your grandparents, or your great-grandparents?
  • Who is the custodian of culture in your family?
  • Whose cultural traditions are stronger, your mother's or your father's? Why?
  • What was the mood in the United States toward your heritage group at the time of their immigration? What prejudices did they have to face?
  • How has this situation changed since their immigration?
  • How is traditional culture preserved and manifested in your ancestral country today?
  • Are you familiar with today's pop culture in your ancestral country?

Online Resources

Cemetery Projects

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