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Information Literacy Research Skill Building: Peer Reviewed Journals, Refereed, and Juried Journals

This guide contains information literacy instructional materials based on the ACRL Information Literacy Standards.

Peer Reviewed Journals, Refereed, and Juried Journals

You have been assigned to write a research paper for class and your teacher has told you to include scholarly journals and peer reviewed journals.

What does that mean?
1.   Peer reviewed, refereed and juried journals -- these words all mean the same thing when we talk about journals.  They are scholarly journals in which the scholarship of each article has been reviewed by experts in the same field and found acceptable, before the article is published in the journal.  
2.   Scholarly journals contain articles written by scholars or researchers. The authors have expertise in the field in the form of formal education or experience. These articles will most often be reports on original research, theory, experimentation, or methodology. They can also be articles that review the current status of a field or subject.  Each article will include footnotes and bibliographies citing the author's literature research. These journals are published by universities, scholarly publishers, and academic or professional organizations.  Not all scholarly journals are peer reviewed.
3.   Peer reviewed/refereed/juried journals are considered the most significant of the scholarly journals.
How do I know if a journal is peer reviewed?
1.   Look at the instructions to authors in the journal itself.  If it says that articles are sent out for review before acceptance, it is a peer reviewed journal.  In print journals this information is usually inside the front cover.  In electronic journals, look for a link that says instructions to authors.
2.   Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory ( Ref Z6941 .U51 ) includes a list of refereed journals. It also includes information about refereed status in the Information on each title. 
We also have Ulrich’s online. To get to it from the Library home page, choose “Find Journal Articles”, and then choose “Databases A-Z”.  Type Ulrich’s in the search box, choose Ulrich’s Periodicals from the resulting list of sources.  Once in Ulrich, type in the title of your journal.  Choose your journal title from the list that shows up from your search, then scroll down the page looking for “Refereed – Yes”
3.  The Serials Directory: An International Reference Book  ( Ref Z6941 .S47 ) includes a list of peer juried journals.  It also includes information on Juried/peer review status in the description of each journal.
4.  Some online databases, like EBSCO, allow you to limit your search results to scholarly or peer-reviewed journals.  Other databases, like Web of Science, only cover scholarly journals.
5.  You can also consult the reference librarian in any of the campus libraries.


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