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Information Literacy Research Skill Building: Choosing Your Research Topic Podcast

This guide contains information literacy instructional materials based on the ACRL Information Literacy Standards.

Choosing Your Research Topic

Save yourself search time by broadening or narrowing your searches

Researching can be a lot of fun. A good solid start makes all the differences between a grueling process and exciting interesting searches.

The most important way to make your research fun is to choose the right topic. Choose something you’ll find interesting, something you’ll enjoy.

If a topic makes you want to find out more about it, your research will take on a life of its own, and take you on a ride full of exciting discoveries.

If you’re told to write a paper on biology, choose something that’s fun searching, you might want to look at.

Marine mammals, but no that’s too large a topic, you’ll get so much material it will be really hard to work with so let’s narrow it down.

How about polar bears? Well polar bears still can be a pretty big topic, how about,

The effect on global warming on the life of polar bears. This is a good topic, you’ll get lots of material but not so much you’ll be frustrated.

You also do not want to be so specific and choose something so new that there is not material for you. So you will have to wait until I write a paper on the new polar bear, brown bear cross that was discovered.

That’s all there is to it!

Good Searching

Choosing Your Research Topic Video

This podcast (accompanied by text) will give you strategies for identifying a research topic. Learn how to narrow, refine, or broaden the topic to make it suitable for your project.

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