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Soc 361: Criminology

Uniform Crime Report

also known as Crime in the United States

Magic Formula!

Computing Crimes per Population Unit:               online calculator link

(#crimes/population) x population unit = rate of crimes per population unit



             # Crimes * population unit (i.e. 1000)

 by:                     # total population

To Equal:

         Crimes per Population Unit (pop. unit should be appropriate for the population size),

(be sure to include the statistic measured and the population unit used in the answer, i.e. 13 violent crimes per 1000 population [people] at WSU)


Part 1 Crimes (formerly called the Crime Index - did not include arson)

Violent Crimes         +           Property Crimes

    Murder                               Burglary

    Forcible Rape                    Larceny/Theft

    Robbery                             Car theft

    Aggrav. Assault                   [ Arson ]


The old “Modified Crime Index” included all eight Part 1 crimes.

There are 21 Part II offenses (Note that is a list from 2004, although it is unlikely to have changed.)

Citing Government Documents and More

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