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Criminal Justice

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Government Agencies, Think Tanks, & Research Institutes * Criminal Justice Meta-Sites * Professional Associations & Resources* Crime on Campus * Web Resources * Academic Criminal Justice/Criminology Blogs * Criminal Justice and Legislation* Extras...


About the Discipline

Web Resources

Government Agencies, Think Tanks, & Research Institutes

Be sure to look for links and tabs that lead to Publications and/or Research from the think tank or research institute. Thisis a great way to find "gray literature" - valuable research that can be hard to find using other sources. Also, note that these types of organizations can be governmental/public or private, and may sometimes have a particular political or other perspective that informs what they do.

Criminal Justice and Legislation

Professional Associations & Resources

Note: These may be scholarly, professional/practicioner, or both.

Academic Criminal Justice/Criminology Blogs

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