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Human Development

Suggested Journals for Human Development Research

Note:  Access to online holdings are only offered here.  If your volume is not shown below, particularly if it is an earlier volume, please consult Search It to discover whether a print or microfilm copy is housed in the library. 

Aging and Mental Health (Carfax International Publishers) (online access, 1997- )

American Journal of Agricultural Economics (Agricultural and Applied Economics Association)

   (online access, 1968- )

American Journal of Community Psychology (Society for Community Research and Action)

   (online access, 1973-)

American Journal of Evaluation (American Evaluation Association) (online access, 1998- )

American Journal of Public Health (American Public Health Association)

   (print; online access, 1912- )

Archives of General Psychiatry (print; online access, 1998-2012)

see JAMA Psychiatry (online access, 2013- )

Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (print; online access 1994-2012)

see JAMA Pediatrics (online access, 2013- )

Archives of Sexual Behavior (International Academy of Sex Research) (online access, 1971- )

Child: Care, Health, and Development (BACCH, Swiss Paediatric Society, and ESSOP) (online access, 1975- )

Child Development (Society for Research in Child Development) (online access, 1930- )

Cultural Studies and Critical Methodologies (SAGE) (online access, 2001- )

Developmental Psychology (online access, 1969- )

Early Childhood Research Quarterly (National Association for the Education of Young Children) (online access, 1986- )

Emotion (online access, 2001- )

Family Relations (National Council on Family Relations) (online access, 1980- )

Gender and Society (Sociologists for Women in Society) (online access, 1987- )

Health Psychology (online access, 1982- )

Infancy (International Society on Infant Studies)  (online access, 2000- )

International Journal of Behavioral Development (Int'l Society for the Study of Behavioral Development)

   (online access, 1978- )

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Int'l Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology)

   (online access, 1973- )

Journal of Abnormal Psychology (online access, 1965-)

Journal of Adolescence (Association for Professionals in Services for Adolescents/Great Britain)

   (online access, 1978- )

Journal of Adolescent Health (Society for Adolescent Medicine) (online access, 1991- )

Journal of Adolescent Research (SAGE) (online access, 1979- )

Journal of Aging and Health (SAGE) (online access, 1989- )

Journal of Applied Psychology (print; online access, 2007- )

Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology)

   (online access, 2002- )

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (print; online access, 1968- )

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (SAGE) (online access, 1987- )

Journal of Counseling Psychology (print; online access, 1954)

Journal of Educational Psychology (print; online access, 2002)

Journal of Family Psychology (print; online access 1987- )

Journal of General Internal Medicine (Society of General Internal Medicine) (online access, 1986-)

Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences (Gerontological Society of America) (online access, 1996- )

Journal of Health Communication (Taylor and Francis) (online access, 1996- )

Journal of Interpersonal Violence (American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children) (online access, 1999- )

Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior) (online access, 2002- )

Journal of Pediatric Psychology (Society of Pediatric Psychology) (online access, 1976- )

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (online access, 1965- )

Journal of Research on Adolescence (Society for Research on Adolescence) (online access, 1991- )

Journal of Sex Research (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality) (online access, 1991- )

Journal of Marriage and the Family (National Council on Family Relations) (online access, 1964- )

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (American Academy of

   Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) (online access, 1987- )

Journal of the American Medical Association (online access, 1994-)

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (Alan Guttmacher Institute) (online access, 2002- )

Prevention Science (Society for Prevention Research) (online access, 2000- )

Psychiatric Services (American Psychiatric Association) (online access, 1995- )

Psychological Assessment (online access, 1988- )

Psychological Bulletin (online access, 1904- )

Psychological Methods (online access, 1904- )

Psychological Review (online access, 1894- )

Psychological Science (Association for Psychological Science) (online access, 1990- )

Psychology and Aging (online access, 1968-)

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (online access, 1987- )

Psychology of Popular Media Culture (online access, 2012- )

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law (online access, 1995- )

Qualitative Inquiry (SAGE) (online access, 1995- )

Qualitative Social Work (SAGE) (online access, 2002- )

Rural Sociology (Rural Sociology Society) (online access, 1936- )

Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science) (online access, 1880- )

Sex Roles (Kluwer) (online access, 1997- )

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (online access, 2012- )

Text and Performance Quarterly (National Communication Association) (online access, 1989- )

The Gerontologist (Gerontological Society of America) (online access, 1961- )

Translational Behavioral Medicine (Society of Behavioral Medicine) (online access, 2011- )

Work, Employment, and Society (British Sociological Association) (online access, 1987- )

What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

A peer-reviewed journal article is a manuscript that has been approved for publication after it has cleared the process of peer review.  Peer-review is a three-step process that includes submission by the author, review by the journal's reviewers who read, study, and provide comments for the author and editor, and publication of the successfully cleared manuscripts. Because the journal's reviewers have expertise in the field and in the manuscript's subject, they are considered peers and the process called peer review.  After finishing the peer-reviewing process, a manuscript may be approved or rejected and sometimes an author is encouraged to revise and resubmit. Only approved manuscripts finish the process and become articles in the journal. 

The "Suggested Journals for Human Development" on this page have been selected by the human development faculty as particularly appropriate to the field.  Many are published by the American Psychological Association or other scholarly societies. The links in the list take researchers through the library's Search It interface to the journal's full text run. If you would rather search for journal articles by subject, you might be more interested in using a search engine like Search It or Google Scholar, or a database like PsycInfo.

If you have questions about a journal's subject or scope, its years of publication, or its editors and editorial boards, try doing a Google search for the journal's website because most have their own pages.  There may be other information besides like how to submit a manuscript, the journal's company provider, its rate of acceptance or rejection, and metrics like its impact factors--all written for scholars who are interested in publishing in the journal. If you are looking at the suggested journals list and have further questions, don't hesitate to seek out your class professors or librarians. 

How Do I Know Whether an Article Is Peer-Reviewed?

First, consider how you found the article:

Did you find it in one of the key databases under the tab "Search for Information" on this site?

Did you limit your search to peer-reviewed publications? 

Have you Googled the journal's title to find more information about it?


Second, consider what you can learn about the author(s) and the writing: 

Are the author(s)' workplaces or academic credentials listed?

Do the authors write well? 

Is the tone of the article thoughtful, restrained, and serious?

Is the topic of the article narrowly focused and explored in depth?

Is the article written for readers with some prior knowledge of the subject?

Is the article based on either original research or authorities in the field (as opposed to personal opinion)?


Third, consider the structure(s) of the article:

Is there an abstract (summary) at the beginning of the article?

Does the article include footnotes or citations of other sources?

Does the article have a bibliography or list of references at the end?

Could you discover that the article was divided into sections with section headings such as those listed below?

  • Introduction
  • Theory or Background
  • Methods
  • Discussion
  • Literature review
  • Research Subjects
  • Results
  • Conclusion
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