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Master Gardener Program Photo Archive

Guide to assist the Master Gardener Program


If you are having trouble with the HTML frames and/or you want to search the archive on the CDSC's website click this link.


Tips for Searching the Photo Archive

Below are some tips that will make searching the WSU Master Gardener Program Photo Archive more effective.

Tip 1.

Search by Keywords

Not all of the search boxes on the search page will be useful to the Master Gardener Program Photo Archive. You will probably use the Keyword search most frequently. Use the Keywords to search titles of photos, descriptions, or authors. Try to keep your searches simple (e.g. search "strawberry").

Search Keyword Interface
A keyword search will find terms in photo titles, descriptions, authors, etc. Try to keep your search terms simple.



Tip 2.

Limit Results to Master Gardener Collection

Limit your results to just images within the Master Gardener Program Photo Archive . Because the Master Gardener Program Photo Archive is hosted on the WSU's Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation (CDSC) website, you may get search results not pertaining to the Master Gardeners.

You can limit search results to just the Master Gardener Program Photo Archive by using the dropdown menu on the search page.

Search Box Dropdown Menu Graphic
Limiting your search to include just items from the Master Gardener Photo Archive


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