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HISTORY 390: U.S. Military History

Using Search It for Journal Articles

Search It is a good place to start exploring your options for journal articles. This "discovery system" pulls resources from numerous databases and puts it into one place (like a search engine). When you know more about your topic it is best to search specific databases (listed below) to get more focused results.

To use Search It, type in your keywords and select Peer-Reviewed under Availability and Articles under Type. You'll then either click on Download Article, or click on the title and scroll down to Access Options, and click on the database link. Make sure you are logged into Search It.

To get good results you MUST add more specific keywords. The examples below are broad, but you will want to try searching for specific countries or groups; specific events; or specific organizations; specific topics. Searching only "revolutionary war" or "George Washington" will bring back too many results. Also, if necessary, try to search for multiple variations of the place or population name (for example, Revolutionary War vs. "American War of Independence"). Further, if you are specifically looking for History articles, you will want to make sure the journal is published in the discipline of history.

Journal Article Databases for Historical Topics

These databases index scholarly/academic journals. You may also find dissertations, conference proceedings, book reviews, magazine articles, and books among your search results, but each of these databases allows you to limit your results to academic journals. These allow you to target your searches a little better in history; further, you can select your subject area when doing your searches so it will limit to journals in that field.

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