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HIST 469 Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe

Tips on Finding Scholarly Articles

To find:

  • Create search terms and strings as described in the "Books" tab. Find additional terms while reviewing your sources.
  • Review reference lists of articles that you find useful; the article will contain additional information that was pulled from other sources, so use these other sources to do title searches in Search It.
  • Do an author search: they have likely written other works on this topic.
  • When you find an article that is useful, review the contents of that entire journal issue; sometimes issues have themes and you will find related articles.
  • If using Search It, remember to check Articles under "Type" and Peer-Reviewed under "Availability." You will still need to evaluate to determine if it is a full article.

To evaluate:

  • Your article will generally be 10+ pages long.
  • The author should be a scholar in their field of research.
  • The journal that it is published in should be peer-reviewed.
  • The article will cover a TOPIC; if a book title and publication information is listed at the top of the "article," and it only talks about the contents of a book, it is a BOOK REVIEW. And article will discuss a topic and bring in numerous sources.
  • The sources will be listed in footnotes or endnotes/bibliography.

Article Databases

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