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How to Read Call Numbers

How to Use Map It

If the book is located in the Holland and Terrell Libraries, there will be a blue button on the right side of the page labeled “Map It”.

“The American age” catalog information highlighting the “Map It” button on far right of catalog information.

This function will make it very easy to see exactly where in the library your book is located. If you click on it, it will take you to a map of one floor of the library. On this map, you will see a stack that is highlighted. This is where your book is, and you’ll just have to look on the shelves to find the call number that is also provided in Map It.

Map of Terrell Ground floor highlighting Stack 233. Above map is a book call number, stack and floor level.

A list of other subjects you can find on this floor will also be provided.

List of “Subjects found on this floor” D-H.

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