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Hort/Crop Sci 102

Research guide for Hort / Crop Sci 102

Start Your Plant Investigation


Washington State University. Extension (1969). Masao Masui and asparagus, Prosser, Washington. Retrieved from the Washington Rural Heritage Collection.


See the links below for assistance with finding recent research on your plant. There's many other places to get started too. Let me know if you need assistance.

Science Daily ( - As noted on your Phase 1 instructions, Science Daily is a great source for recent research on your plant. They provide summaries of recent research projects.

The WSU Libraries' Catalog is a great place to find primary and secondary sources. This includes popular press articles (like newspapers and trade publications), books, and peer-reviewed research.

Find Newspapers & Trade Publications

Newspapers and Trade Publications

For a full list of newspapers available to WSU affiliates, please read this WSU Newspapers and News research guide

My top pick for finding newspaper articles and trade publications is Nexis Uni (see below).

National & WSU Extension Publications

Historically, Extension programs provided a means of reaching farmers and homemakers while avoiding the time and hazards involved in travel.  Today they cover a wide range of topics from agriculture, forestry, animal science, health and nutrition, gardening, home economics, and much more. Extensions are run out of the land-grant universities across the United States. 

You can find extension publications at the following sites:

United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) Extension & Experiment Station Publications -  A large collection of links to multidisciplinary online extension resources from nearly every extension in the United States. Includes extension reports, peer-reviewed publications, newsletters, images, etc.

Washington State University Digital Extensions Collection - A wide range of topics are covered within these materials. Various Extension publications are compiled within this collection dating back to 1892. The collection is currently being constructed. You can also find Extension materials, both physical and eResources, within the library's catalog.   

Washington State University Manuscripts & Special Collections (MASC) - MASC has an extensive collection of University and regional publications. Many are online.  

You can find contemporary WSU Extension publications via the WSU Extensions Publications website.

Additionally, you can find Extension impact reports using this link. An impact report provides assessment and participation data from many Extension programs over the years. 

Encyclopedias and Other Topic Starters

Although encyclopedias are typically not peer-reviewed or considered "scholarly resources" they can be a fantastic place to learn background information on your super-plant.

Other Helpful Websites

See Also:

The following sites have many different types of resources (such as books, photographs, moving images, etc.)

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