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Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Science: BestBETs for Vets

BestBETs for Vets

BETs for Vets are simple reviews of the current best evidence available to answer simple, common and specific clinical veterinary  questions. They are designed to be a quick and achievable method of enabling the incorporation of evidence into clinical practice.

They  start with a very specific clinical question. A systematic literature search is then done to find available evidence. The relevant literature is critically appraised for quality and a “bottom line” (the answer to the question) is reached based on this evidence. BETs do not tell you what to do, they tell you about the evidence on a certain topic— an unbiased view of the evidence found.

Currently only available for Dogs, Cats, and Cattle. Coming soon: Horses, Sheep, and Poultry. The database is freely accessible and searchable. 


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