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Scholarly Communication Services at WSU: Manage Your Data

This guide is designed to increase awareness of significant issues associated with scholarly communication. It also presents resources for WSU researchers who wish to explore alternative avenues for sharing their scholarly work with a global audience.

Why Manage Your Data?

Data management is important in that it facilitates the exchange of knowledge within the research community. By describing and preserving your data in a standardized fashion, you make it easier for others to access the information you have gathered, verify your results, compare studies, and incorporate findings into future work. By managing data carefully, you also increase the odds of securing additional funding from federal and private funders interested in seeing the impact of their investments.

As you plan your data management strategy, important considerations include:

  • Data types and sources
  • File formats and management
  • Descriptive metadata
  • Project roles and responsibilities 
  • Preservation and storage
  • Policies for public access, data sharing, and reuse

Getting Started: DMPTool

Created by the UC system and California Digital Library, the DMPTool can help you create data management plans for an array of funding agencies. The DMPTool provides you with templates, funder mandates, institutional requirements, and other instructional material. Log in using your Network ID/password to save and submit the plans you create.

Complying with Federal Requirements

While all data management plans share certain common considerations, funders, journals, professional societies or relevant agencies may have unique requirements or expectations for data management plans (DMPs) that you should know. Check the following lists before getting started with your DMP.

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