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International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists

The LibGuide includes information on the history of ICAHIS, links to papers presented at the first 6 conferences, affiliated organizations, the 7th conference (2013), and more.

Past ICAHIS Conferences

Here is a link to an article on the history of ICAHIS:

Location Congress Jointly With

Number of


Number of






Reading, UK  1st 84 21 14 4
Fredericksberg, Denmark 2nd 73 20 18 2
London, UK   3rd  8th- ICML, EAHIl,  and 9 other groups 37 15 10 N/A
Budapest, Hungary 4th 42 13 15 1
Onderstepoort, South Africa 5th 71 16 22 4
Brisbane, Australia 6th 10th-ICML and 4th International Clinical Librarian Conference 24 10 20 N/A
Boston, United States of America 7th
Edinburgh, Scotland 8th
Budapest, Hungary 9th
To be announced! 10th

Links to Past Conferences

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