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Intensive American Language Center (IALC): Level 5 Research Assignment

This guide will help you to conduct research on themes this semester of World/Public Health, Climate Change, and Immigration.

Where can I search for and find lectures?

Some colleges and universities record and post lectures, and upload them online. The following are links directly to some of these schools, and also to sites that bring together lectures from many schools. Use the search box found on each page to type in your keywords. It is best to be broad at first, and then browse through the results.

Most of you are probably familiar with YouTube. It has more than just funny videos and music videos - it can also have educational videos, lectures, and documentaries.

Where can I search for and find podcasts?

Podcasts have a serious "discovery" problem. There are few sites available that index and allow you to search for numerous different podcasts at once. They are generally only found through the creator's sites. Below are a few places where you can search for a variety of podcasts at once.

Documentaries: Online and in the Library

Just like you would evaluate print resources for quality, you must also evaluate documentaries for quality. Make sure to use the CRAAP test found in the "Fact or Opinion?" tab! Especially note who created the documentary, and for what purpose.

The libraries have databases where you can access documentaries and other educational films for free! Just login using your WSU Network ID and password. Click on one of the databases below to explore further:

The libraries hold numerous documentaries that you can checkout for a period of one week (with renewal). They are located in the Current Journals section of the library, which is on the GROUND floor. Enter from the Atrium.

1) To search for documentaries in the Search It catalog, go to our website at Click on the Advanced Search tab under the search box.

2) Input the following (see image below):

  • Change the first drop-down to "in subject," and then type Documentary Films. (This will narrow your results to all items that are categorized as a "documentary.")
  • Keep the second drop-down, and enter in your CHOSEN KEYWORDS.
  • Change the "Material Type" drop-down to Audio & Video.

3) After you get your results, on the left side of the screen, click "Holland/Terrell Libraries" and DVD Videos. This will narrow your results to only DVDs we have in Holland/Terrell (you can also select VHS or another format if you prefer).

4) When you find a film that you like, write down the CALL NUMBER. The DVD call numbers look different than book call numbers. All films are arranged by number. (See below).

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671, Contact Us