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About this Guide

This guide facilitates access to resources for History 121. If you need help identifying a scholarly article, or a primary source for your research paper, please email Gabriella Reznowski,

Primary Source Databases

These databases can help you identify a primary source for your topic. Primary sources can include documents, letters, memoirs, personal narratives, eyewitness accounts, interviews, speeches, and other materials that originate from the time period that you are researching. These databases DO NOT however index scholarly/academic journals.

Academic Article Databases for Historical Topics

These databases index scholarly/academic journals. You may also find dissertations, conference proceedings, book reviews, magazine articles, and books among your search results, but each of these databases allows you to limit your results to academic journals.

Additional Subject Databases

Your research might intersect with additional subject areas, such as philosophy, literature, politics, medicine, and religion. The databases below are specialized subject databases indexing resources in disciplines that might relate to your topic. After searching the standard subject databases for history (listed above) you might also try searching for your topic in a secondary relevant subject database.

General Electronic Reference Collections

Each of these reference collections provide a searchable database of specialized subject encyclopedias that may provide some background reading on your topic. Many of the articles will also often conclude with a list of further reading which could guide you to relevant books and journal articles.

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