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Library Services for WSU Global Campus: Book & Media Access

The services on this guide apply to students enrolled through the WSU Global Campus only, and who do not live in the town of Pullman.

What's on this page?

Includes info on finding ebooks and streaming video

How to Request Books & Media

The WSU Libraries' Search It library catalog provides you access to books and media from all the WSU Libraries, "Summit" libraries, and libraries world-wide. It should be the first database you select to find books. To request home delivery of a book you find in Search It use the "WSU Global Campus Delivery" option. Look at the box to the right of this one to learn about picking up books you have requested via Summit in person from a Summit library.

If a book you need is not available from a WSU library or any Summit library, you can request that it be borrowed from another library for your use via an Interlibrary Loan (ILL). To make an ILL request you will need to be logged in to Search It - if a book is not available, you will see a "Request through InterLibrary Loan WSU - Pullman" link. This will take you to the WSU Pullman ILLiad site, whiere you wil need to log in with your WSU Network ID again. There is no charge to request library materials through Interlibrary Loan; however, the first time you use ILL you will need to create an account in the system.

Search It Tutorials - see the Tutorials tab 

Using Search It to Find Books and Articles (a demonstration video on YouTube)

Making a Summit or Interlibrary Loan Request at the WSU Libraries (a demo video on YouTube)

Books & Media Home Delivery, Return, and Renewal

Library materials will be mailed to you within two to three working days once we have them in hand. (Keep in mind, if we obtain the books from other libraries first, this process will take longer.) 

  • Material is not mailed outside of the United States. Students living in the city of Pullman are not eligible for book delivery services.
  • Materials which circulate (non-reference books, CDs, media etc.) can be checked out to you. All items are mailed to ensure fast delivery. Your materials will be shipped by US Mail, using Priority Mail flat rate boxes. .
  • Effective September 1, 2006, WSU Global Campus will pay for the mailing and return shipment of books and other materials that you order from the WSU Libraries.


Returning Borrowed Books

Enclosed with your items will be a return address label and Priority Mail stamps for the return postage. Once you are done with the materials, repackage them in the box, affix the labels and stamps, and drop the box off at the post office.

  • If the box is damaged, the post office will provide Priority Mail boxes and supplies free of charge.
  • If you lose the stamps, you will need to return the items yourself.
  • Be aware that once materials (books, etc.) you have requested are checked out and mailed to you, you are responsible for these materials. Any fines or fees for anything that happens to the material (damage, misdelivered, or lost items) are your responsibility. There are very rarely any problems with the delivery of items, especially if you maintain your current and correct address within the WSU Libraries system. Check your account in Search It.
  • Return books to:
    Holland and Terrell Libraries, Access Services
    PO Box 645610
    Pullman, WA 99164-5610
  • Note: Since the Global Campus department pays for your mailing, your return packages are picked up from the Post Office, taken to WSU Mailing Services, and they are sorted and recorded (for payment) there before being shipped to the WSU Libraries via inter-campus mail. This can add a day (maybe two) from arrival at WSU and your return confirmation before the book is officially checked in at the WSU Libraries and off your library record!

Renew Items you have Checked Out

WSU Global Campus students may now renew library materials checked out from a WSU library by accessing their circulation record (Summit books cannot be renewed).To Access Self Renewal:
  1. Go to Search It.
  2. Log in using your WSU Network ID and password (use the same Network ID credentials you use for My WSU).
  3. Click on My Account (upper right). 
  4. Click on the Loans link (left side) (you will likely be in the "loans" area by default).
  5. Click on Renew All to renew all of your items, or select the items you want to renew and click Renew Selected.
You will be blocked from renewal if:
    • The MAXIMUM number of renewals setting for an item has been reached
    • If an OVERDUE or RECALLED notice has been issued
    • NO self renewals for MMR Videos and selected reserve materials

Reciprocal Borrowing via Summit

What is Summit? WSU belongs to the Orbis-Cascade Consortium, a group of academic libraries in Washington State, Oregon, and the University of Idaho in Moscow. The Summit system, which is embedded in the WSU Libraries' Search It library catalog, enables WSU patrons to check out books from any of the 35-plus Summit libraries. Books circulate for six weeks with no renewal, and can be designated to be picked up by you at any WSU library, any Summit library, or mailed to you from the WSU Pullman library (this option will take longer).

Students, faculty, and staff who are currently enrolled or employed at Alliance institutions may have borrowing privileges when they visit other Alliance libraries. This "Visiting Patron" service includes borrowing materials from generally circulating collections and making Summit requests. Thus, if you are located near a Summit library you can borrow books from it as a Visiting Summit Patron, or pick up books there that you have requested through the Summit system. Note: you must have a WSU ID (CougarCard), and you will be asked to log in to your account to verify your WSU status. 

List of Summit library members

What about Ebooks?

Ebooks are a good resource for distance and Pullman students, but they can vary. Some books in the Libraries catalog are downloadable PDF or HTML books freely available online (often published by a government agency). The Libraries also has access to many scholalry monographs from particular vendors (EBL, ebrary, EBSCO, Springer, ScienceDirect, and more). The following applies specifically to ebooks from EBL, ebrary, and EBSCO:

  • you can read them entirely online (or in certain cases download them for some days and read them on a desktop/laptop, tablet, smartphone, or certain ereaders)
  • You can print out page ranges and/or chapters (usuallay as PDFs) that are yours to keep
  • You can copy and paste selections
  • you can annotate the book as you read it
  •  You can read them straight through, by chapter, or search the entire full text of the book for a particular term or phrase

Finding Media (streaming, dvd, vhs, etc.)

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671, Contact Us