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Search It [Primo] @ the WSU Libraries: Bug Updates, Problems, and More

Current Status of Search It (use this to see if the system is down or its just a bobble) - Search It's "Instance Name" code is Primo NA00  (those are zeros, not ohs)

See the"Find Stuff in Search It" tab for detailed information on using Search It. There is some *extremely* important information on using the drop-down scope options to expand or narrow what you are actually searching, which directly affects your search results!

1/20/15 - see the new "Summit Change" tab which explains how Summit requesting is now integrated into the Search It library catalog (the old is no longer available).

11/14: General note about issues with three kinds of searching:

  • Call numbers (Advanced Search) - Call numbers need to be entered carefully, especially the initial segment (i.e. for F897.R2 B23 1997 the important thing is F897.R2). Use exact punctuation, especially in the location of the decimal point: F897.R2 B23 1997 will find the book The Measure of a Mountain, but F897 .R2 B23 1997 or F 897.R2 B23 1997 will not. Spaces after that initial string don't seem to make a difference, i.e. F897.R2   B23   1997 will still find the book, and you can also find it with F897.R2   B23 . (Note: if a call number was initially data-entered by a library cataloger in the  Search It database incorrectly, you may not be able to find it as the first sequence must be input exactly as entered).  Note: The default Articles, Books & More scope will only find books that are held by at least one Summit library - be sure to change your search scope to Everything+ Beta if you do not find your book initially to search from a much, much larger database of published books (books that are not available from WSU or Summit can be ordered via Interlibrary loan).
  • Advanced Search - complex searches that involve multiple search boxes and AND connectors will not work consistantly and you are probably better off dividing your search into smaller chunks and using Simple Search or a more basic pre-filtered Advanced Search. The preset search filters generally work, i.e. searching for streaming video. Advanced Search used with the Everything+ Beta scope can be really inconsistant, so use with a large dose of care and caution if you must use it at all.
  • Title search - if a book has subtitle, i.e. : "Initiative and Referendum Voting: Governing Through Direct Democracy in the United States," your best bet is to just search for the first part of the title with the author's name, i.e. "initiative and referendum voting" braunstein otherwise you may not see all formats in all scopes. Note this screenshot, where you will not see that an ebook is available (in the WSU Libraries + Summit scope or the Pullman scope, although it does show up in the Articles, Books & More scope) because the subtitle has not been properly indexed in the ebook edition's record. It's a problem - not a WSU Libraries-casued problem, however!!!

1/24/2014: shorter Search It link:

1/30/14: Every so often you may see a "Your session has been inactive for a long period of time and it has been reset" message  - ignore it, and refresh or click on your link again and it should show up properly.

11/2014: Note that we are still seeing linked library locations result in error pages – an Alliance-wide case has been entered and a fix is currently scheduled for a service pack sometime early in 2015

Linking to a Search It Record:

  • Get a permalink via the Send To dropdown menu (Zotero users - you will not be able to add something to Zotero from a permalink - better to save it to your e-Shelf and add it later)
  • email the item to yourself/someone else via the Send To dropdown menu - when you open the sent email, it will include a shorter durable link. If you save items to your eShelf you will be able to send multiple links at once.
  • At some point later this year, the Search It database will be de-duped (after all Summit libraries have been added in) so its possible you may be linking to a source that will be de-duped in the future - so don't just save a link, save the title/author as well! {(5/2014 update: Some de-duping has occured, but more may happen in the future.)



Send To Options (I'll post more on these later; Zotero users, don't worry - instructions will be up on the page soon!):


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If you had a WSU WorldCat account you will still be able to see your saved items if you log in to Open WorldCat ( or a WorldCat Local library.

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