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Starting a research project? Using a presearch strategy can help save you a lot of time: a little backgrounding gives you a solid place to start. Find presearch resources here.

 Find some hot articles! Click the down arrow for more topics (i.e. sociology, political science, etc.), via bX Recommender

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Some New Sociology Titles

What Use is Sociology: Conversations with Michael Hviid Jacobsen and Keith Tester. Zygmunt Bauman,Michael Hviid Jacobsen, and Keith Tester; 2014 (ebook)

Punk Sociology. David Beer (2014)

(If you want to make your own WSU WorldCat widget or searchbox to place on a webpage, Facebook profile, etc., look here. This one shows items from a WorldCat list I created, but you can also create search widgets or predetermined keyword search widgets.) 

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