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Key Databases

Below are the most useful databases to explore the richness of the journal literature in psychology. 

Good Reads

Hoffer, T. A., & Shelton, J. L. E. (2013). Suicide among child sex offenders. New York, NY: Springer.

By providing empirical data and multidisciplinary considerations, the book increases awareness of child sex offender suicide among the various entities which come into contact with this population of offenders. This book attempts to bring awareness of this potentially high risk population to better inform the law enforcement, corrections, and mental health communities of the unique risk factors for suicide among CSOs and provide a more effective crisis response. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Behavioral Analysis Unit III- Crimes Against Children reviewed and analyzed 106 male Child Sex Offenders (CSO) who committed suicide during the course of a child sex crime investigation.  Of the 106 CSOs, 79% were child pornography traders/collectors, 43% were child molesters, 21% were travelers, and 18% were child pornography producers.  Analyses also revealed that nearly all were Caucasian and the majority were married, employed, and died via self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Of particular interest was that in 26% of the cases, the offender killed himself within 48 hours of his awareness of the investigation; and in nearly half of the known cases, the offender had past/current military service and a criminal history.  In addition, 68% left a suicide note, which is substantially higher than the general suicide population. Analysis of the notes revealed common aspects and themes including cognitive distortions, burdensomeness, shame, and self-blame. The most frequently cited reason for the suicide in the note was the child sex crime investigation (from publisher's website).   

New Libraries' Interface

The WSU LIbraries new discovery platform, Search It is now available. Shared with the other  37-members of the ORBIS Cascade Alliance (our Summit partners), Search It promises to provide students and faculty with more resources easily, resulting in more efficient research and better results.  Have a look at this new resource and let us know what you think!

Find a link to Search It's simple search box here:  Search It Simple Search

Find a link to Search It's advanced search boxes here:   Search It Advanced Search 

Containing many article collections and databases that may or may be useful in a particular search, Search It may be used as an article-level discovery tool (Articles, Books, and More or Everything + (beta)). However, searching Search It should never be viewed as a substitute for the databases identified in this guide as key resources. When using this resource, users should pay particular attention to the limiting options available down the left-hand sidebar of each search results screen where the results may be refined by Library, Type, Author/Creator, Collection, Subject, Publication Date, or Journal Title. These options help users explore the many types of items available through Search It.  

More Discovery Interface Options: Google Scholar and WorldCat

Two more discovery search options to try are Google Scholar, a Google search for library materials, and WorldCat, a worldwide database of library cataloging records that is particularly strong in identifying works and collections on obscure topics housed throughout the world. 

Find a link to Google Scholar here:   Google Scholar

Find a link to WorldCat here:  WorldCat

When using both of these search engines, it is important to remember that Summit and interlibrary loans of materials not owned by WSU Libraries is absolutely free for students, faculty and staff.  When using Google Scholar from one's own device or laptop, it is important to configure the "Library Links" in the "Scholar Settings" to include Washington State University so that Google Scholar can access WSU's paid content. As of July 2014, WorldCat may or may not be tied to WSU's holdings.  If the version that you're using does not list WSU holdings, the holdings will be listed by zip code. 

When in doubt, go ahead and fill out an interlibrary loan request for those needed items that  WSU does not have so that the Libraries' can get these to you as soon as possible. 

Find a link to the Libraries' generic Interlibrary Loan page here:  Interlibrary Loans

Discover Online Access to PsycTests and APA Handbooks through PsycNet

Recently we switched our access to PsycTESTS, a database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales and other assessments, from EBSCO to the American Psychological Association's PsycNET.  WSU's PsycNet also provides access to some of the APA's latest handbooks, some books through PsycBOOKS, and review literature through PsycCRITIQUES.  However PsycInfo, the American Psychological Association's major database is still provided through ProQuest.  

New APA Handbooks online over APA's PsycNET include:


Cooper, H. M., & American Psychological Association. (2012). APA handbook of research methods in psychology:  volumes. Washington, D.C: American Psychological Association. (eBook)

Volume 1, Foundations, planning, measures, and psychometrics

Volume 2, Research designs: quantitative, qualitative, neuropsychological, and biological

Volume 3, Data analysis and research publication

 APA Handbook of Tests and Measures in Psychology

Geisinger, K. F., & American Psychological Association. (2013). APA handbook of testing and assessment in psychology: 3 volumes. Washington, D.C: American Psychological Association. (eBook)

Volume 1, Test theory and testing and assessment in industrial and organizational psychology

Volume 2, Testing and assessment in clinical and counseling psychology

Volume 3, Testing and assessment in school psychology and education

Online Reference Works in Psychology

Weiner, I. B. & Craighead, W. E. (2010). The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology, 4th edition.  Hoboken, NJ:  John Wiley.

Western State Hospital

View of the entrance to the Western State Hospital, largest psychiatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest.

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I hope everyone finds these resources to be valuable in the exploration of this topic.  I am available for classes and private research consultations. My contact information is below. Feel free to contact me for further assistance. 

Online DSM-5 Through Psychiatry Online

 This last summer, an online version of DSM-5 was added to the Psychiatry Online database. 

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