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Bible As Literature


The Bible is one of the central books in the Western tradition, exerting a profound and lasting influence on all areas of life and culture.  The textual history and the construction of the canonical Bible is a long and complex story.  This brief guide provides a basic orientation for locating information on the study of the Bible as literature and related subjects.  Be sure to consult detailed notes in catalog records and also the references and bibliographies in books, articles, and reference works for access to additional readings. 

 Library of Congress Classification
Mapped to Holland & Terrell Library

Click on any of the links below to see where these subjects are physically located in Holland & Terrell Library.  The reference books in these classifications are located in the reference area on the first floor of Holland & Terrell Library just off the Atrium.  (The first floor level is the main entrance to the library.)  

A - General Works J - Political Science R - Medicine
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion K - Law S - Agriculture
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History L - Education T- Technology
D - World History M - Music and Books on Music U - Military Science
E - History of the Americas N - Fine Arts W - WSU
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation P - Language and Literature Z - Bibliography
H - Social Sciences Q - Science

Holland and Terrell Stack Chart

Stack Chart

Selected Library of Congress Subject Headings

Research Databases

These research databases and eBooks are made available by subscription or purchase through the WSU Libraries.


The Bible as / and Literature: A Short Reading List

Indexes & Book Reviews

Print and electronic information about scholarly journals, book review citations, and retrospective periodicals indexing.

Searching the Audiobooks Collection in the Libraries


Go to the Advanced Search screen of Search It and select in subject from the drop-down menu. Type audiobooks in the search box.  Your search should look like the sample image above.

Selected Resources in the Holland & Terrell Reference Collection

Companions / Encyclopedias / Handbook

The Holland and Terrell Library print reference collection is located on the 1st floor of Terrell (main library entrance) behind the reference desk.

Anchor Yale Bible Series

The Anchor Yale Bible series is a project of international and interfaith scope in which Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from many countries contribute individual volumes. The project is not sponsored by any ecclesiastical organization and is not intended to reflect any particular theological doctrine.

The Anchor Yale Bible is committed to producing commentaries in the tradition established half a century ago by the founders of the series, William Foxwell Albright and David Noel Freedman. It aims to present the best contemporary scholarship in a way that is accessible not only to scholars but also to the educated nonspecialist. Its approach is grounded in exact translation of the ancient languages and an appreciation of the historical and cultural context in which the biblical books were written supplemented by insights from modern methods, such as sociological and literary criticism.


Very Short Introductions

Concise introductory monographs on a wide range of topics, including the arts and humanities.


List of full-text religion periodicals currently indexed in JSTOR.

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