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Using the CRAAP test to evaluate your sources

The questions on this worksheet can help guide your evaluation of your sources to determine whether they are appropriate in terms of Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose....


This library guide has been designed for students enrolled in Professor Michael Thomas' English 101 class.

Research topic: The role of undergraduate participation in research at R1 Institutions

Goals for today:

  • Learn how to recognize an academic article and locate 2 scholarly articles on your topic.
  • Locate one newspaper or magazine (popular source) on your topic.
  • Locate opinion polls related to your topic through the Pew Research Center report: Public Views on the Value of Education


Databases for this topic

Each database "speaks its own language", using specific terminology to describe a topic. Some search terms you might try in your searches include: "undergraduate research" "critical thinking" "research process" "experiential learning" "problem solving"

Are these articles scholarly?

Some questions to ask when identifying a scholarly article are:

1) Does the article provide more information about the author, such as where they research (institutional affiliation), their credentials (degrees earned) or other information such as past publications/research areas?

2) Does the article begin with an abstract? Many, but not all, scholarly articles do

3) Does the article conclude with list of cited references, or a "Works Cited", or a bibliography?

Who's afraid of InterLibrar Loan? (ILL)

It is possible that some of the articles you want to access will have to requested through Inter Library Loan. We will walk through this process today using the article below:


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