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Constitutional Amendment Research Project - CES 491: Home

Getting Started

This guide should be helpful for locating information related to your 4-part assignment on constitutional amendments.

Please click on the links below for resources specific to each part of the assignment.

Many of these resources include reference books designated for in-library use only, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to visit the library, access these materials, identify books and articles for your bibliographies, and to write the paper related to each part.

Looking for Ideas?

The research reports in CQ Researcher may be useful in helping you look up a particular issue related to an amendment, such as Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, Religious Freedom, etc. The reports in CQ Researcher may help you identify a Supreme Court case related to the issue and your amendment, as well as provide you with a chronology of events relevant to the issue, which could be useful for Part 3. You can access CQ Researcher at the link below and do a keyword search for the protected right or topic that you are interested in. Some examples of possible CQ Researcher reports relevant to the Constitutional Amendments are also listed below:

Searching for Books in "SearchIt"

For each part of your research, you may want to identify books examining the Constitutional Amendment, a particular right protected under the amendment, the Supreme Court Case you are researching, or an important event that relates to the amendment.

Use SearchIt, the WSU Libraries catalog to identify books and articles that might be useful for your research and your bibliography. For scholarly articles you should also consult the scholarly databases listed under Part 3.

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