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Zotero @ the WSU Libraries

About this tab page:

12/22/17: This was created as an aid for two webinars I did for WSU's Global Campus. (Links below). It was before Zotero's big 5.x update, so this will be slightly out of date, although mostly still usable.

Zotero Part 1: Getting Things into Zotero:


Zotero Part 2: Getting Things Out of Zotero (and into your research papers!)

[this one was not that good :-(  I was really tired and it shows, especially when I was showing how Zotero works with Microsoft Word. I'll probably do an update and post it here.]

8/2018 update

Screencast Demos - 2019 Update

I'll be adding more to this - I'm trying to make a series of shortish (around 20 minutes) screencasts that demonstrate Zotero.

DOI example

DOI example: 10.1016/j.acalib/2012.08.007


Screencast videos - Zotero in Action (WSU Global Connections Session 1)

I hope that my Global Connections webinars do not have any glitches, but if they do, here are some videos (some I created, some from Zotero's documentation, that may be of help. 

Why Zotero for Global Campus Students? (Or any students?)

  • works with most browsers (all, via somewhat limited Zotero bookmarklet)
  • Works with wide variety of content types, including websites
  • Saves PDFs and screenshots ; can attach any sort of online file (although may not be searchable)
  • Saves bibliographic information, notes, tags, and related items
  • Searchable - no more silos
  • useful after you graduate - retain everything, add more 

Web Access:

  • Optional
  • Allows you to access your Zotero Library online, and sync your items between different computers
  • Can just save bibliographic data and notes (free) or add attachments like screenshots and PDFs ($)
  • Basic citation generation
  • Can add or edit online (but better to use the Zotero Bookmarklet if you are adding multiple items)


Third-Party Tools:

Zotero's open source-ness has created a pretty rich ecosystem of applications and tools that work with it. Here are a few...

  • Do you have an iPad? PaperShip has a great Zotero interface
  • Do you have a tablet of any kind? works well, and you can open, read, and annotate your PDFs in PDF-reading apps like iAnnotate or PDFExpert
  • ZotFile - extracts annotations, works with online storage site like Dropbox, and more
  • Zutilio batch edits tags and more
  • ....and more!
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