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Streaming Video: Kanopy Licenses by expiration date

Kanopy licenses listed by expiration date

Video Title License Expires
A Necessary War  11-Jul-18
A Summer's Tale - Conte d'été  11-Jul-18
Abrazos - Children of Undocumented Parents  11-Jul-18
Anita - Speaking Truth to Power  11-Jul-18
Birth of Empire: East India Company Episode 1  11-Jul-18
Birth of Empire: East India Company Episode 2  11-Jul-18
Bridge to Freedom - 19July 11, 2018  11-Jul-18
Broken on All Sides - Race, Mass Incarceration and New Visions for Criminal Justice  11-Jul-18
Call the Midwife Series 1 - Episode 1  11-Jul-18
Chester Himes: A Rage In Harlem - An Internationally Acclaimed African-American Writer  11-Jul-18
Close-Up  11-Jul-18
Daddy Don't Go - The Everyday Struggles of Disadvantaged Fathers  11-Jul-18
Dialectical Behavior Therapy - With Marsha Linehan  11-Jul-18
Dutch Treat—Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Tobacco  11-Jul-18
Environmentalism in Science Fiction  11-Jul-18
Every Mother's Son - Policing and Race in America  11-Jul-18
In the Realm of the Senses  11-Jul-18
Including Samuel - Inclusion of Children with Disabilities  11-Jul-18
Jews & Muslims: Narratives at War (1945 to Present Day)  11-Jul-18
Love in the Afternoon  11-Jul-18
Putin's Kiss  11-Jul-18
Road to Resistance  11-Jul-18
Teachings of the Tree People - Bruce Miller’s Native Art and Culture  11-Jul-18
The Black Panthers - Vanguard of the Revolution   11-Jul-18
The Dynamic World of Infectious Disease  11-Jul-18
The Great Plow Up & Dust to Eat  11-Jul-18
The Industrial Revolution - Causes and Effects  11-Jul-18
Trading Women  11-Jul-18
UnSlut  11-Jul-18
Utopian Dreams and Dystopian Nightmares  11-Jul-18
World Heritage: Angkor & Mogao  11-Jul-18
1619 Virginia - The First African Slaves Arrive  2-Oct-18
18th Century Colonial America and Slavery - Under the Rule of the British Empire  2-Oct-18
A Death in St. Augustine  2-Oct-18
A Son of Africa - The Autobiography of a Slave  2-Oct-18
Africa  2-Oct-18
All Governments Lie - Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone  2-Oct-18
Awakening  2-Oct-18
Becoming More Visible - Young Transgender Adults on a Journey to Become More Visible  2-Oct-18
bell hooks - Cultural Criticism & Transformation  2-Oct-18
Bicycle Thieves  2-Oct-18
Bioterrorism: How Worried Should We Be?  2-Oct-18
Changing the World  2-Oct-18
Charting a New Course  2-Oct-18
Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death  2-Oct-18
Danton  2-Oct-18
Dear Lisa  2-Oct-18
Death Rituals and the Corpse  2-Oct-18
Disorders Associated with Anxiety 2-Oct-18
Disorders Associated with Mood Disturbance  2-Oct-18
Dreamings - The Art of Aboriginal Australia  2-Oct-18
Elles  2-Oct-18
Emerging and Reemerging Diseases  2-Oct-18
Extreme Anxiety - Winning the Battle  2-Oct-18
Fenceline: A Company Town Divided  2-Oct-18
First Contact  2-Oct-18
Frida Kahlo  2-Oct-18
Generation M - Misogyny in Media and Culture  2-Oct-18
Guyland - Where Boys Become Men  2-Oct-18
Hamlet  2-Oct-18
Hearts and Hands  2-Oct-18
Hoop Dreams  2-Oct-18
I Am Not Your Negro - James Baldwin and Race in America  2-Oct-18
I See Your Ability  2-Oct-18
Ida B. Wells: A Passion For Justice - The Pioneering African American Journalist & Activist  2-Oct-18
Influenza: Past and Future Threat  2-Oct-18
Issei: The First Generation  2-Oct-18
League of Denial - The NFL's Concussion Crisis  2-Oct-18
Macbeth  2-Oct-18
Magical Death  2-Oct-18
Maid in America  2-Oct-18
Mexico & Peru - The Black Grandma in the Closet  2-Oct-18
Mickey Mouse Monopoly - Disney, Childhood & Corporate Power  2-Oct-18
Mon Oncle  2-Oct-18
Nuit #1  2-Oct-18
Painting Country  2-Oct-18
People Like Us - Social Class in America  2-Oct-18
Pornland - How the Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Sexuality  2-Oct-18
Promises Betrayed (18July 11, 2018 - 1896)  2-Oct-18
Reclaiming the Body -  Feminist Art in America  2-Oct-18
Religion in Science Fiction  2-Oct-18
Sacred Love-Making 2-Oct-18
Shooting with Mursi  2-Oct-18
Stolen Education - The Legacy of Hispanic Racism in Schools  2-Oct-18
Straightlaced—How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up  2-Oct-18
Summer With Monika  2-Oct-18
T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness - Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s  2-Oct-18
The Ax Fight  2-Oct-18
The Baby's Brain - Wider Than The Sky  2-Oct-18
The Codes of Gender  2-Oct-18
The Empathy Gap - Masculinity and the Courage to Change  2-Oct-18
The F Word  2-Oct-18
The Feast  2-Oct-18
The Immigration Paradox 2-Oct-18
The Official Story - La Historia Oficial  2-Oct-18
The People - To 1806  2-Oct-18
The Red Pill - A Feminist's Journey Into the Men's Rights Movement  2-Oct-18
The Second Mother  2-Oct-18
The Spirituals - American Spirituals, Music and Slavery  2-Oct-18
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down  2-Oct-18
Tough Guise - Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity  2-Oct-18
Wall Writers - Early Graffiti Artisits  2-Oct-18
War Photographer - Photojournalist James Nachtwey  2-Oct-18
Water  2-Oct-18
White Like Me - Race, Racism & White Privilege in America  2-Oct-18
Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun  2-Oct-18
1824 Ayacucho—South American Independence  31-Dec-18
56 Up  31-Dec-18
A Man Called "Bee": Studying The Yanomamo  31-Dec-18
A Nation of Law? - 1968-71  31-Dec-18
A Revolving Door - Mental Illness and Addiction  31-Dec-18
A Single Life  31-Dec-18
Agrofuels  31-Dec-18
Ain't Scared of Your Jails - 1960-1961  31-Dec-18
Alan Marlatt on Harm Reduction for Substance Abuse  31-Dec-18
Almost Adults  31-Dec-18
American Denial - The Truth is Deeper than Black and White  31-Dec-18
Assaulted - Civil Rights Under Fire  31-Dec-18
Assessment & Psychological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder  31-Dec-18
Aztec Calendar Stone  31-Dec-18
Behind Convent Walls   31-Dec-18
Bitter Roots - The Ends of a Kalahari Myth  31-Dec-18
Black Indians: An American Story  31-Dec-18
Blacking Up - Hip-Hop's Remix of Race And Identity  31-Dec-18
Chile: When Will it End? - Chile: Hasta Cuando?  31-Dec-18
Claire's Knee  31-Dec-18
Climate of Doubt  31-Dec-18
Clinical Presentations  31-Dec-18
Cognitive Behavioral Foundations  31-Dec-18
Contemporary Mexican Art  31-Dec-18
Diego Rivera - I Paint What I See  31-Dec-18
Don't Look Back  31-Dec-18
Drug Addiction  31-Dec-18
Energy, Emotion, and Loving-Kindness  31-Dec-18
Ethnic Notions - African American Stereotypes and Prejudice   31-Dec-18
Evita 31-Dec-18
Excess of Sexual Tourism  31-Dec-18
Fair Play  31-Dec-18
Fire Wars  31-Dec-18
Fixed - The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement  31-Dec-18
Free at Last  31-Dec-18
From Selma to Soweto  31-Dec-18
Game Over - Gender, Race & Violence in Video Games  31-Dec-18
Ghosts of Murdered Kings  31-Dec-18
Göbekli Tepe, Çatalhöyük, and Jericho  31-Dec-18
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty  31-Dec-18
Hamlet With David Tennant  31-Dec-18
Hearts and Minds  31-Dec-18
Hell of a Job  31-Dec-18
Hip Hop - Beyond Beats and Rhymes  31-Dec-18
House on Haunted Hill  31-Dec-18
How To Create And Animate A Clay Puppet With Stop Motion Pro  31-Dec-18
Ida  31-Dec-18
In Sickness and in Wealth  31-Dec-18
In the Shadows - Undocumented Immigration in America  31-Dec-18
It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School  31-Dec-18
It's Still Elementary - Reexamining LGBT Issues in Schools  31-Dec-18
Ken Burns: Thomas Jefferson  31-Dec-18
Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women 31-Dec-18
King Lear  31-Dec-18
KKK - The Fight for White Supremacy  31-Dec-18
Last Human Standing   31-Dec-18
Living on One Dollar - Fighting Poverty Through Empowerment and Understanding  31-Dec-18
Loving Annabelle  31-Dec-18
Macbeth 31-Dec-18
Made in L.A. (Hecho en Los Angeles)  31-Dec-18
Math in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up?  31-Dec-18
Mississippi: Is This America? - 1963-1964  31-Dec-18
Monster in the Mind - Investigating the Untruths of Alzheimer’s  31-Dec-18
More Than a Word - Native American-Based Sports Mascots  31-Dec-18
My Whole Self - Microaggressions and Gender  31-Dec-18
Native Planet Program 4: Hawaii - The Stolen Nation  31-Dec-18
Nicaragua - No Pasaran  31-Dec-18
No Easy Walk - 1961-1963  31-Dec-18
Not Just a Game - Power, Politics & American Sports  31-Dec-18
Our Disappeared  31-Dec-18
Paris, Texas  31-Dec-18
People of a Feather - Survival in the Canadian Arctic  31-Dec-18
Place Matters  31-Dec-18
Quantified Self-Assessment for Therapy  31-Dec-18
Quest for Homeland  31-Dec-18
Race - The Power of an Illusion  31-Dec-18
Redefine Adventure (Adventure)  31-Dec-18
Reel Bad Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People  31-Dec-18
Returning Fire - Interventions in Video Game Culture  31-Dec-18
Rigoberta Menchu - Daughter of the Maya  31-Dec-18
Separate and Unequal  31-Dec-18
Sex(Ed): How Did You Learn About Sex?  31-Dec-18
SOS: Save Our Soil  31-Dec-18
Soul Food Junkies - A Film About Family, Food & Tradition  31-Dec-18
Stonewall Uprising  31-Dec-18
Summer Pasture  31-Dec-18
Summertime  31-Dec-18
Taking the Long View: The Life of Shiing-Shen Chern  31-Dec-18
Thank You For Your Service - The Reality of War Inflicted Mental Illnesses  31-Dec-18
The Abolitionists Part 2  31-Dec-18
The ACE Study I - Childhood Trauma and Adult Health  31-Dec-18
The Black Atlantic - 1500-1800  31-Dec-18
The Bottom Line  31-Dec-18
The Bro Code - How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men  31-Dec-18
The Farm, Angola Prison USA - Inside One of America's Most Famous Prisons  31-Dec-18
The Garden - Fighting for an LA Urban Garden  31-Dec-18
The Good Old Naughty Days - Early Adult Cinema  31-Dec-18
The Great Dictator  31-Dec-18
The Hidden Blade  31-Dec-18
The Illusionists - The Globalization of Beauty 31-Dec-18
The Mask You Live In  31-Dec-18
The Most Dangerous Man in America - Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers  31-Dec-18
The New Generation  31-Dec-18
The Nuer  31-Dec-18
The Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini  31-Dec-18
The Promised Land - 1967-68  31-Dec-18
The Purity Myth - The Virginity Movement’s War Against Women  31-Dec-18
The Queen of Condoms - Sex Education in Cuba  31-Dec-18
The Road To Brown  31-Dec-18
The Struggle in the Fields  31-Dec-18
The Suffragists - Political Struggles for Women in Mexico  31-Dec-18
The Tempest  31-Dec-18
The Tempest  31-Dec-18
The Time Has Come - 1964-66  31-Dec-18
The U.S. of Agriculture  31-Dec-18
The Watermelon Woman - 20th Anniversary High Definition Restoration  31-Dec-18
The Weather Underground - America's Most Notorious Revolutionaries  31-Dec-18
Thinking and Language  31-Dec-18
Through These Eyes - Anthropology, The Netsilik People & Politics  31-Dec-18
Tomboy  31-Dec-18
Tough Guise 2 - Violence, Manhood & American Culture  31-Dec-18
Trade of Innocents 31-Dec-18
Treatment Issues  31-Dec-18
Troubled Waters - A Mississippi River Story  31-Dec-18
Tulia, Texas  31-Dec-18
Two Societies - 19July 11, 2018-68  31-Dec-18
Union Maids - Women Activists Share their Experiences  31-Dec-18
Vincent Who? - The Murder of a Chinese-American Man  31-Dec-18
Violeta Went To Heaven  31-Dec-18
Watership Down  31-Dec-18
When Jews Were Funny  31-Dec-18
Who Owns the Past?  31-Dec-18
Yojimbo  31-Dec-18
A Father Washes His Children  31-Jan-19
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night  31-Jan-19
A Slave Of Love  31-Jan-19
After Stonewall  31-Jan-19
At the Threshold  31-Jan-19
Badger Creek - A Portrait of Native Resilience on the Blackfeet Reservation  31-Jan-19
Coda  31-Jan-19
Cria Cuervos  31-Jan-19
Edo, Japan—Samurai Dining and Zen Aesthetics  31-Jan-19
Eraserhead  31-Jan-19
Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness - The Pioneering American Anthropologist of African Studies  31-Jan-19
In Whose Honor? - American Indian Mascots in Sports  31-Jan-19
Jewish Persecution during the Black Death  31-Jan-19
Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth  31-Jan-19
Stalker  31-Jan-19
Summertime  31-Jan-19
The 400 Blows - Les quatre cents coups  31-Jan-19
The Battle of Algiers  31-Jan-19
The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger  31-Jan-19
The History of American Language Policy  31-Jan-19
The Lost World  31-Jan-19
The Phone Call  31-Jan-19
The Shock of the Other  31-Jan-19
This Beautiful Fantastic  31-Jan-19
Welcome to the Sticks - Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis  31-Jan-19
What's Race Got To Do With It? - Social Disparities and Student Success  31-Jan-19
1838—The British Slavery Abolition Act  28-Feb-19
1904—The Russo-Japanese War  28-Feb-19
2 Days in Paris  28-Feb-19
Bad Sugar  28-Feb-19
Becoming American  28-Feb-19
Belle de Jour  28-Feb-19
Building Confidence in Motivational Interviewing - With Cathy Cole  28-Feb-19
Die Brücke  28-Feb-19
Exposure Therapy for Phobias - With Reid Wilson  28-Feb-19
Haiti & Dominican Republic - An Island Divided  28-Feb-19
Hunt For The Wilderpeople  28-Feb-19
Increasing Importance in Motivational Interviewing - With Cathy Cole  28-Feb-19
Is Your Brain Unprejudiced?  28-Feb-19
Jews & Muslims: The Place of the Other (721-1789)  28-Feb-19
Jules and Jim  28-Feb-19
Kinyarwanda  28-Feb-19
Le Samouraï  28-Feb-19
Lolita  28-Feb-19
Luchando! Cuba's Struggle to Survive  28-Feb-19
Miss Representation  28-Feb-19
Movie Animatronics  28-Feb-19
My Brooklyn - Demystifying Gentrification  28-Feb-19
Nameless Gangster  28-Feb-19
Once Were Warriors  28-Feb-19
Out in the Night - Criminalization of Race, Gender Identity and Sexuality  28-Feb-19
Pink Ribbons, Inc  28-Feb-19
Pregnant in America - The Controversial Story of Life’s Greatest Miracle  28-Feb-19
Resolving Ambivalence in Motivational Interviewing - With Cathy Cole  28-Feb-19
Roses in December - The Murder of Three American Nuns in El Salvador  28-Feb-19
Salt of the Earth 28-Feb-19
Self Identity & Sex Role Development: Significant Areas of Development  28-Feb-19
Speck of the Future - 1848 to 1856  28-Feb-19
State of Fear  28-Feb-19
The Beginning of Life - Breakthroughs in Neo-Natal Neuroscience  28-Feb-19
The Birth of a Nation  28-Feb-19
The Bridge  28-Feb-19
The Great Squeeze - Surviving the Human Project 28-Feb-19
The Interrupters  28-Feb-19
The Lover - L’amant  28-Feb-19
The Tactics of Successful Branding  28-Feb-19
The Uncomfortable Truth - The History of Racism in America  28-Feb-19
The World's Most Wanted - Secrets of Mexico's Drug War  28-Feb-19
United in Anger: A History of ACT UP - The Grassroots Movement to End the AIDS Crisis  28-Feb-19
When the Bough Breaks  28-Feb-19
When Two Worlds Collide - A Battle for Indigenous Amazonian Land  28-Feb-19
Wind  28-Feb-19
American Tongues - Linguistic Attitudes in the U.S.  31-Mar-19
At Highest Risk  31-Mar-19
At the River I Stand - The Climax of the Civil Rights Movement  31-Mar-19
Back to the Movement - 1979-Mid-1980s  31-Mar-19
Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)  31-Mar-19
Beauty Factory - Competing for Miss Venezuela  31-Mar-19
Belladonna of Sadness - Kanashimi no Beradonna  31-Mar-19
Beloved Strangers  31-Mar-19
Beyond Food - Exploring all the Possibilities of Modern Health and Wellness 31-Mar-19
Brownian Movement  31-Mar-19
Charade  31-Mar-19
Donnie Darko  31-Mar-19
FAT: What No One is Telling You  31-Mar-19
Fireworks Wednesday - Chaharshanbe-soori  31-Mar-19
Flirting With Danger - Power & Choice in Heterosexual Relationships  31-Mar-19
Forgotten - Olvidados  31-Mar-19
God's Own Country  31-Mar-19
His Girl Friday  31-Mar-19
I Was Born in Mexico, But… - Growing Up Undocumented in America  31-Mar-19
Kirikou and the Sorceress  31-Mar-19
May Justice Be Done - The Economic Crisis in Argentina  31-Mar-19
Minimalism - The Many Levels of Minimalistic Lifestyles  31-Mar-19
N!ai, The Story of a !Kung Woman  31-Mar-19
Nagasaki Journey  31-Mar-19
Not Just a Paycheck  31-Mar-19
Party Drugs  31-Mar-19
Power! - 1967-68  31-Mar-19
South Africa: The Apartheid Years - Generations of Resistance  31-Mar-19
Spirit Possession of Alejandro Mamani  31-Mar-19
States of Grace - An Inspiring Journey of Resilience, and Renewal   31-Mar-19
Sun Come Up  31-Mar-19
That Sugar Film - How Sugar Has Infiltrated Our Diet and Culture  31-Mar-19
The Blob  31-Mar-19
The City of Photographers (La ciudad de los fotógrafos) - Oppressed Chile Captured in Photographs  31-Mar-19
The Coca-Cola Case - Killer Coke & Human Rights  31-Mar-19
The Disappeared - A Personal Story About Argentina's Dirty War 31-Mar-19
The Divine Michelangelo Part 1  31-Mar-19
The Emotional Brain - An Introduction to Affective Neuroscience  31-Mar-19
The Raising of America  31-Mar-19
The State of Eugenics - The Story of Americans Sterilized Against Their Will  31-Mar-19
The Uprising of '34 - The Southern Cotton Mill Strike of 1934  31-Mar-19
The Wind Will Carry Us  31-Mar-19
Theeb  31-Mar-19
Tongues Untied - Giving a Voice to Black Gay Men  31-Mar-19
Training Rules - Discrimination on the Basketball Team at Pennsylvania State University  31-Mar-19
We Need to Talk About Kevin  31-Mar-19
40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy 30-Apr-19
4th and Goal - Young NFL Hopefuls  30-Apr-19
A House Divided - Inequality in Housing in New York City  30-Apr-19
Afflictions Series - The Bird Dancer  30-Apr-19
Aguirre, the Wrath of God  30-Apr-19
America the Beautiful - Obsession with Physical Beauty in America  30-Apr-19
Ballad of the Little Soldier - Following Nicaragua's Child Soldiers  30-Apr-19
Carol's Journey  30-Apr-19
Check It - A Gang of LGBT Youth in Washington D.C.  30-Apr-19
China: Born in Isolation  30-Apr-19
Civilization Dawns in China: Shang and Zhou  30-Apr-19
Collateral Damage  30-Apr-19
Cronos  30-Apr-19
Delivering the Goods  30-Apr-19
Discovering Queen  30-Apr-19
Down By Law  30-Apr-19
El Bola  30-Apr-19
El Norte  30-Apr-19
Empire of Dreams  30-Apr-19
Empire Of The Incas  30-Apr-19
Girl Trouble - Teenage Girls and The Juvenile Justice System 30-Apr-19
Happy Valley - The Story Behind the Penn State Scandal 30-Apr-19
In the Garden of Sounds  30-Apr-19
India's Daughter - The Jyoti Singh Story  30-Apr-19
Ken Burns: The Central Park Five  30-Apr-19
Kumu Hina  30-Apr-19
La Haine  30-Apr-19
Mayan Renaissance - The Untold Story of the Maya 30-Apr-19
Memory of the Camps  30-Apr-19
My Friend Dahmer  30-Apr-19
Not My Life - The Global Impact of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery  30-Apr-19
Our Spirits Don’t Speak English - Indian Boarding School  30-Apr-19
Peace Officer - The Militarized State of American Police  30-Apr-19
Piero della Francesca  30-Apr-19
Playing Unfair - The Media Image of the Female Athlete  30-Apr-19
Policing The Police  30-Apr-19
Precious Knowledge - Fighting for Mexican American Studies in Arizona Schools  30-Apr-19
Rise of the Superbugs  30-Apr-19
Seeking Asian Female  30-Apr-19
Sex Slaves - The Global Sex Trade and its Victims  30-Apr-19
Still Doing It  30-Apr-19
Tales of the Waria  30-Apr-19
Tangerines  30-Apr-19
The First Nation in History  30-Apr-19
The Great Japanese Retirement  30-Apr-19
The Inca—From Raiders to Empire  30-Apr-19
The Long Road Home: The Odyssey of a Young Guatemalan Maya Refugee  30-Apr-19
The Maya, Aztecs, and Mesoamerica  30-Apr-19
The Scripture of Nature  30-Apr-19
Top Secret America - The Hidden Legacy of 9/11  30-Apr-19
Waste Land - An Art Collaboration in the World’s Largest Garbage Dump  30-Apr-19
What We Do In the Shadows  30-Apr-19
When War Comes Home - American Veterans Adjust to Life Back Home 30-Apr-19
Mexico: The Grandeur of New Spain  8-May-19
Wonder Women 11-May-19
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