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USAIN 2018

USAIN 2018 Conference Guide

USAIN Participation

Papers and posters, oh my!

Group 1:  1:30-2:30p Monday

1. What Agricultural Researchers Say About Open Access and Data Sharing (Sarah Williams, Megan Kocher, Shannon Farrell and Erin Kerby)

2. Increasing discoverability of and access to non-digital agricultural and life sciences data: A preliminary investigation (Julie Kelly and Shannon Farrell)

3. Data Practices of Agricultural Scientists: Global Insights (Adam Kriesberg, Ricardo Punzalan and Morgan Daniels)

Group 2: 3-4p Monday

1. Facing Global Challenges in Agriculture: Teaching Students Context and Critical Thinking in a Seminar Course (Marianne Bracke and J. Marcos Fernandez)

2. Supporting Sustainable Innovation with Information: A Case Study (Heather Howard and David Zwicky)

3. Applying information literacy threshold concepts in a fourth year veterinary diagnostic block (Suzanne Fricke and Danielle Nelson)

Group 3: 9:15-10:15a Tuesday

1. A Comparison of Agricultural Database Subject Scope Overlap (Stephanie Ritchie)

2. Data-driven identification of core journals to support cutting-edge climate change research (Pambanisha Whaley, Patricia Hartman, Claudine Jenda, and George Stachokas )

3. Evidence Synthesis Trends in Nutrition and Food Science: A Scoping Review (Kate Ghezzi-Kopel and Megan Kocher)

Group 4: 10:30-11:30a Tuesday

1. Becoming a scientist: What is the librarian’s role? (Kendra Spahr, Carol Sevin and Livia Olsen)

2. Community Supported Publication: Promoting Information Access, Accessibility, and Equity (Amy Christian and Duncan Hilchey)

3. Sustainable Collaborations: Information at the Crossroads of Libraries and Extension (Helen Smith and Rebecca Miller)



Details forthcoming

Session scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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