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Intensive American Language Center (IALC): Level 5 Research Assignment

This guide will help you to conduct research on themes this semester of World/Public Health, Climate Change, and Immigration.

Searching the Catalog

1) First, type your search into the box that appears on the Libraries website:

2) You may be prompted to login using your Network ID. We strongly recommend that you do this, as it will display a larger number of results, and will allow you to order from Summit.

3) When you get your list of results, you can REFINE the list on the left side of the page. For example, if you want a book immediately, you can click on Library: Holland/Terrell Libraries, which will show you materials that are located here in Pullman. If you want print books, you can click on Type: Print Books. This will narrow your list and make it easier to look through.

4) When you find a book that you like, you should look for two things. First, look for a GREEN DOT and the phrase "Available at Holland/Terrell Libraries." This means that the book should be here and on the shelf. Then, next to it, look for the CALL NUMBER (for more information on reading these, see the box to the right). This is the number you will use to find the book on the shelf (the book's address).


Call Numbers

The call number is the ADDRESS of the book on the shelf. It will likely look something like this:

LC4043 .G42 2009

The letters stand for the broad subject (history, philosophy, biology), while the numbers provide a more specific subject (women's history in the United States, existential philosophy, microbiology). Books on the same subject are usually in the same area.Once you find one title you like, there will be others on the shelf nearby that might also fit your topic.

To find out more about how to read call numbers please see the guide below!

How do I order a book from another library?

If a book is not located at WSU Libraries, we can order it from another library for you! You are not restricted only to books that are in the library at Pullman.

When a book is not available at WSU Libraries, you will see a YELLOW DOT and the phrase Check Holdings.

 Check Holdings can mean one of several things:

  • The book is checked out
  • The book is missing or lost
  • The book is not located at a WSU library

You may be able to order the book through Summit (for delivery in 3-5 days), or Interlibrary Loan (for delivery in 1-2 weeks). You can see your request options by clicking on either the title or "Availability and Request Options." If Summit is your option, click on the Summit link and log in with your WSU ID (firstname.lastname). Fill out the requested information and you will receive an email when the book arrives. If Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is your option, click on the Interlibrary Loan link and login with your WSU ID to create an ILLiad account.


Requesting Material from other WSU Libraries

If a book is available at another campus library, you may request to have it sent to your primary campus. Under the material record, click on "Availability and Request Options" and then "Request Item." You will be prompted to login with your WSU ID (firstname.lastname) and to fill out and submit a form. The material should arrive within 5 days.

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