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Departmental Liaison Librarians

Who is my Departmental Liaison Librarian?

Click the link below to access a list of liaison librarians and the WSU Pullman/WSU Spokane academic departments they work with - you can use this list to contaact a librarian directly, or to request that the Libraries purchase something for the Libraries' permanent collection.

Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine

photo of Lara

Lara Cummings     
Agricultural Science, Crop & Soil Science,  Food Science, Horticulture, 
Integrated Plant Sciences, Plant Pathology, Viticulture and Enology
(509) 335-8071


photo of Joel Cummings


Joel Cummings
Head of Collection Development
(509) 335-6493  




photo of Suzanne Fricke


Suzanne Fricke
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience, 
Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal
Health, Veterinary Medicine
(509) 335-9556




Photo of Betty Galbraith


Betty Galbraith              
Biology, Biological Chemistry, Botany, Cell Biology, Environmental Science, Genetics,
Geology, Microbiology, Molecular Biosciences, Molecular Plant Sciences, 
Natural Resource Sciences, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Zoology
(509) 335-7930




Photo of Chelsea Leachman


Chelsea Leachman
Biological Systems Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, 
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Regional
Planning, General Science, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical and
Materials Engineering
(509) 335-8527

Humanities and Social Sciences

photo of Mary Gilles

Mary Gilles
AMDT, College of Business, School of Economic Sciences, Law.
(509) 335-6721


Whitman County Township Map, photo courtesy of WSU MASC


Greg Matthews         
Classical Studies
(509) 335-1833




Image of lion

Bob Matuozzi          
English and American Literature, Fine Arts, Music, Philosophy, Religion.
(509) 335-7587


photo of Erica Nicol


Erica Carlson Nicol
Anthropology, Communication, Women's Studies.
(509) 335-8614



picture of lorena o'english


Lorena O'English 
Criminal Justice, Dance, Sociology, Political Science, Social Science data, Sports Studies, Theatre, Zotero, Government Information
(509) 335-2695



Photo of Gabriella Reznowski


Gabriella Reznowski
Foreign Languages and Cultures, World Literature, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, History
(509) 335-5596





Photo of Christy Zlatos


Christy Zlatos 
Architecture, Education, Human Development, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Psychology
(509) 335-4536

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