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Scholarly Communication Services at WSU: Tools: Web of Science

This guide is designed to increase awareness of significant issues associated with scholarly communication. It also presents resources for WSU researchers who wish to explore alternative avenues for sharing their scholarly work with a global audience.

Web of Science: Introduction

Using Web of Science, you can learn who's citing your research and what impact it is having in the wider world. Begin by logging into Web of Science. This link will give you access to the Sciences Index, the Social Sciences Index, and the Arts and Humanities index in Web of Science. Should you desire to do your search in one index or the other, you can revise your search.

Creating Citation Reports in Web of Science

The following video provides instructions for searching citations in Web of Science

Creating Citation Reports in Web of Science: Search Techniques

A Definition: H-index

Web of Science and other citation services will point to your h-index as a measure of your productivity and impact as a researcher. The h-index is defined by how many h of a researcher’s publications have at least h citations each. Read more about the h-index in this article by J.E. Hirsch.

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