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Zotero @ the WSU Libraries: Zotero Standalone (Chrome, Safari)

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About Zotero Standalone

Saving items in Zotero Standalone:

The Zotero Connector:

You don't actually have to have Zotero Standalone installed to save items into your online Zotero library - you can just set up your Zotero Connector  preferences in Chrome or Safari so that you will be able to automatically send an item to via translator icons in the browser window. You will not be able to save any item that does not have a translator icon, however, and you will not be able to save a web page.. 

in Chrome

(click on the    icon in the upper right corner of the browser) or

In Safari

(right-click your mouse  and select the (fill me in when you find your notes, lorena ;-)

Zotero Standalone

Setting Browser Preferences

Zotero Standalone has the same options for preferences as Firefox Zotero (see the Setting Up Your Zotero tab in this guide) but in addition you will want to set your preferences for the Zotero browser add-on in Chrome or Safari. (Sorry the images and test are wonky - I'm havng problems with fixing the HTML...)


1. After you have installed the Zotero Connecter extension, find the Settings menu for extensions (click on the icon that looks like three parallel lines):






2. Locate the Zotero Connector extension and click on the Options link:


3. Make sure you have authorized Zotero Standalone with your account, and make sure the two options under Save via Server are checked if you want to have this functionality. If you see errors under Report Errors (as below) there is a button to submit the errors to the Zotero folks. Take a look at the Advanced settings - that is where you can update translators, etc.

Note: You must be logged in to your Zotero account for items to be saved there if you do not have Standalone open; also this method only works  for items that have Zotero translators (i.e. databases, blogs that have been set up for Zotero, etc. - you will see an icon in your browser bar).




Safari - Arranging to test this....

Note - Zotero translator icons will be to the left of your browser bar, instead of inside the browser bar at the far right.

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