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Zotero @ the WSU Libraries: Zotero and Images

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Using Images in Zotero Notes

How to insert an image in a Zotero Note (works with Firefox and Chrome; I have not tested it in Safari)

  1. Open up a url of an image that is just an image, i.e.
  2. Create or open a Note and then right-click inside the note. Choose the insert image option and paste in the image URL in the URL box - you can also do some other formatting.  This will insert the image in your note. The image can be re-sized or re-aligned later by clicking/right-clicking on it.
  3. If you view the item(s) in Report mode (right click on the Item or Note and select Generate Report) it will create an HTML page that can be printed, or copied and pasted into a Word document, etc.
  4. If you just want the note with the image, drag it out of the item so it is a standalone note, then select it and choose the Report option. You may want to insert a title and the link to the image at the top of the Standalone Note.
  5. To get a standalone URL for Flickr, click on Share, then on the Grab the HTML/BBCode link and select the .jpg URL from the code (see box to the right of this one for more on Zotero and Flickr)

Using Zotero with Flickr

Using Zotero with Pinterest

Pinterest is Open URL-compliant and has a browser translater/icon that will download the Pinterest item you are looking at as a webpage; alternatively you could save it as a webpage. Both methods capture different elements, and neither is comprehensive. I think I'd give the preference to saving it as a webpage, but you will need to carefully add in bibliographic details - which adds to the complexity (author field options are author, contributor, translator -- collector is noticably missing!)...  [more later - I need to fiddle with Pinterest a bit more - if you have ideas, please comment!]

5/2013 update: Pinterest has expanded its metadata; I will do some testing on this soon!

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