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GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

GIS Training Information

Available Workstations

GIS & spatial data workstations, loaded with the most recent ESRI ARCGIS software are available in the Dimensions Lab on the first floor of Holland Library.  For policies about this resource, please read GIS Services. To find sources of spatial and geospatial data see the Geospatial Data Sources.

Training possibilities

1) Search It (Libraries' catalog) includes many GIS training titles. Change the search scope to 'WSU Pullman' and use the subject search with the phrase "geographic information systems" or the term 'arcgis.'

2) Online from ESRI (ESRI produces ArcGIS software); Getting Started with GIS

Washington State University

WSU Pullman ArcGIS contact Richard Rupp

GIS courses are offered in many WSU departments; check the University Catalog.  The Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences offers SOIL SCI 368 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 (2-3) Course Prerequisite: 3 credits of [B], [BSCI], [P], or [PSCI] GER or UCORE categories. Introduction to geographic information systems applied to landscape data; geographic coordinate systems and projections, make maps and use geodatabases. Typically offered Fall.

University of Idaho   Department of Geography       Certificate Program in GIS

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