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Bias in Periodicals

Ever heard the saying “consider the source” in response to something that was questioned? The same advice applies to what you read – consider the source. Some of the information from this page has been taken from City Colleges of Chicago libraries.

About this Guide

Much of the content of this guide was taken from City Colleges of Chicago Harold Washington Library's PDF guide, "Consider the Source: A Resource Guide to Liberal, Conservative and Nonpartisan Periodicals."  It has been adapted to include resources available to the WSU community.

Political Spectrums

Political Spectrum


The Varieties of European Political Ideologies and Political Parties

"The European Ideological Spectrum, compared to the US, is broader, more varied, and more nuanced.  Why?"

political spectrum

The graphic above is from the Frankfurt International School.

Another point of view regarding American political parties and how they can be represented graphically.  (Vagabond Scholar)

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